Microsoft details Xbox Live Arcade plans ..

The latest podcast by Microsoft's lead Xbox Live programmer, Larry 'Major Nelson' Hryb, he includes an interview with Greg 'Silver Surfer" Canessa. Canessa is in charge of the Xbox Live Arcade.

In the interview, he says that Microsoft developed the Xbox Live Arcade Wednesdays program in response to consumer deman for more online content over the service.

Canessa says that the current plans are to have a huge library of arcade games, thirty by the end of this summer, and a nice 50 by the end of '06.

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sparco6160d ago

Sounds good. Looking forward to seeing them.

Schmitty076160d ago

Wow it looks like there will be a lot of Arcade released during Christmas time with 50 by end of 06

TOM6160d ago

people like kingofps3 are so close minded.What on earth coulg he find lame about this story.peabrained fanboys are scum.