Digital Battle: Serious Sam HD Review

In all, the game can be recommended for fans of the original one, but even at $20, it's not as cheap as it feels it should have been. $10 seems more like a fair price, and if you'd like to check it out, you're probably better off waiting for a discounted copy.

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ATi_Elite3592d ago

Another real example of low game sales on the PC.

This game has no innovation no replay value no state of the art graphics, sampled sounds from the original game, full of bugs and errors, needs patched to the point that the reviewer says it should be a beta release. (Are you Serious)

A low grade Dell off the shelf can run this so why is it in such a rushed to be released condition?

Come on how LAZY is this Mr. Developer? I see it's only $20 (should be $5.99)

Do Not buy this game. Take your $20 and buy a good game discounted on STEAM. Or donate to charity.

Serious Sam HD = CRAPWARE

Allowen3592d ago

It is a fun game and I had the old version of it and now I own the HD Serious San from Steam.
It is kind a good game to play cooperative expecially since you can play it with more then just 4 ppl cap.