Americas Preorders Chart, 9th Jan 2010

Mass Effect 2 and God of War III lead the way in the first preorders chart of the new year.

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Canucks233601d ago

Wow... i'm suprised ps3's got so many games higher than 360, including multiplat games. Then again the only reason the ps3 bad company 2 is higher than 360 is because of the beta, but still.

ThePlaystation3guy3601d ago

Don't be surprised...things are beginning to change, my friend. ;D

TotalPS3Fanboy3601d ago

I guess all those effort that went into dooming MAG was just a waste of time.

evrfighter3601d ago

interesting to note that out of the top three ps3 games

2 of them are fps games

Looks like ps3 gamers have almost turned into shooter fans like their 360 buddies

Cyrax_873601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

Ah no...

If that were the case those two shooters would be outselling GoW3 4-1. Kinda like how every shooter on the 360 passes the lifetimes sales of great games like Forza 3, Lost Odyssey and Mass Effect in just a few weeks after release.

DarkTower8053601d ago

"Looks like ps3 gamers have almost turned into shooter fans like their 360 buddies"

You're an idiot with that statement. Since when did PS3 owners not like shooters? The PS3 started with one of it's most successful shooter, Resistance. Other shooters like Warhawk, the COD series, MGS4, Killzone are top selling games for the PS3. You should stop generalizing and think before you post.

Guido3601d ago

Guess people were burned by the crappy programming of the first one that maybe they are waiting to hear the reviews first?

sikbeta3601d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

"16 | Heavy Rain | PS3 | 6 | 5,598 | 35,533"


Good to see some support for WKC:I

Noctis Aftermath3600d ago

Gran Turismo numbers are starting to snowball even though there is no set release date for the US.

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bmw693601d ago

Amazing for God of War III and MAG!

spektical3601d ago

yea, lots of people are interested in MAG, hopefully ther are plenty of people to play with for several months to come!

Braineater24483601d ago

I think MAG is interested in concept, but won't be successful as am actual game. It'll be the communism of gaming. Just my thoughts.

OrganicMachine3601d ago

you haven't played the beta yet have you?

SprSynJn3600d ago

And while it was an entertaining game, I cannot see it replacing Modern Warfare 2 as my FPS of choice. If I had friends who were interested in buying it, then I might get it as well. At this point though, it looks like it wont be in my library.

swiftshot933601d ago

Im surprised GT5 is up there even with no release date, thats gonna be a huge game.

Multiplatform games are surprisingly selling better on PS3 even with the double install base the 360 has, which is kind of amazing.

PimpHandHappy3601d ago

i doubt those pre orders are from beta players.... i think its more the hype around 256 ppl fighting in a constant war that will bring numbers. I look at it as round one of the real step away from XBL vs PSN talk. This is just the start. Few years down the road if this works it will become the next step in online gaming...

Im in and will be playing S.E.R.V
didnt play the beta

it ruined PS3 socom for me

Sevir043601d ago

but it'll be safer to just do the beta and then skip the final release if it aint what you think. however, the beta is awesome, the Socom beta was a hogwash crapfest, even more worse than mag was in the closed beta.

How ever, this game is going to be really great in the final release. I even had a chance to play the recent build that they showed off at the CES show this past weekend. ^^ it looks better than the beta, all i can say is Mag will be sweet, having played the beta i'm glad i gave the game a chance and didnt dump it like i did in the private beta.

and yes. SVER all the way ^^

Sevir043601d ago

I guess alot of people have tried the private and open beta and like it. I hope it knocks a million with in a month. it deserves to prove the haters wrong as it is an awesome game.. as for God of War 3, heh, this game is already on it's way to high sales. the second game sold 2 million in 3 days... i think this time, GOW3 will prolly sell 4 million in a matter of a week. it'll be interesting to see all the work come out for it.

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The story is too old to be commented.