The Generation that Video Games Challenged Hollywood

Adam Tingle at PSUni writes: Gaming has become something different, something alien, something…a little strange. Where once clichéd science-fiction plots and '"Luke, I am your father" moments' would have done, we now have something that approaches the sensible, dare I even say, intelligent and riveting? It seems gaming is no longer about grimacing through B-movie plots and atmosphere, it's a little more mature of late.

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WildArmed3596d ago

More like pawned hollywood.

Ofc the price of admission to games is alot higher then the average 8-12$ bucks a movie lol

DavePSU3596d ago

I disagree. You have to take into account dollar per hour.

If a video game costs $60 but gives you a 10-hour campaign. That's only $6 an hour. If a movie is $12 to get into and it's only 120 minutes long, you're looking at $6 an hour.

It's pretty even when you really break it down.

ATi_Elite3596d ago

Yeah but movies and video games both get released globally.

that's it for the video game.

The movie goes to dvd/blu-ray then to cable/ pay per view then to broadcast t.v. and Hollywood makes profit off of all that.

WildArmed3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )


I get your point. But after taking the hardware required into account it becomes a different story.
having a console or a gaming PC does pack a punch into the dollars/ hour.
For movies, there are no strings attached to the movie fee (other then the overly expensive drinks n food they provide lol

Dont get me wrong, I'm all for video games. I actually dont go to many movies (1-2 a year) to save up for a game or w/e.
Just that movies are alot more accessible to everyone if your consider the first time price of admission.

techie3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

Not if you're purchasing the DVD/Blu-ray. I'd say Games are cheaper then...not everyone goes to the cinema. It's only recently that there's been a resurgence (it's £10 a ticket here.)

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ATi_Elite3596d ago

After reading this article I hope some big budget Hollywood studio buys or bank rolls a video game developer.

Hollywood can provide the money, advertisement, and resources leaving the developer to put out several quality products.

Sort of like..... what SONY is doing with their high quality exclusives.

never mind already being done. Well another Hollywood Studio should do it to.

WildArmed3596d ago

I totally agree.
Most games lack the advertisement/PR.
No matter how good a game is, it need some PR marketting scheme

techie3595d ago

What about Hollywood director's directing video games?

techie3595d ago

I think video games can do better than Hollywood. I'm looking at you Heavy Rain