Sony PlayStation 3 Online Review

Earlier in the year, a lot of fuss was made over the release of the PlayStation 3. The promise of a whole new world of gaming had arrived and the Microsoft Xbox 360 finally had itself a worthy adversary. In Good Gear Guide original review of the PlayStation 3, Danny Allen took an in-depth look at the system, the games and the feature-set of a pre-launch console. Naturally, this was before the online service was available. Now, a few months on, they take another look at the PS3 and delve into our impressions of the free online service, how far it has come since the PlayStation 2 and how it stacks up against Xbox Live. Sony has promised big things for the PS3, but with the Xbox Live service maturing at a rapid rate, is it a case of too little, too late?

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Maddens Raiders4740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

-- "No international multiplayer, Games must be exited in order to read messages, Sluggish online store interface" --

--"watching video on YouTube or trailers on the site are both out of the question. Having an internet browser is commendable in theory, but future work is needed before it becomes an enjoyable experience on a console." --

This guy needs to stop going to work so high. He has absolutely no idea in hell about what he's talking. End of story. How can he have a job reviewing things?....a/w

This shouldn't have been approved, but my posts are pulled right away. C'mon N4G...let's clean it up!

Phantom_Lee4740d ago

I watch youtube on it all the time

TheMART4740d ago

Ah Maddens, how cute. I think the guy pretty much nailed it actually:

"The quality-of-service will then depend entirely on how well the third-party supports international multiplayer gaming and whether they can still offer lag-free online battles. This was a major problem for the Playstation 2 online service and was something that we sincerely hoped Sony wouldn't do a second time around."

Outcome: Sony doesn't learn from its mistakes

" The result is 20 people running around doing their own thing and hoping for the best. While voice chat is available for some games (including Resistance) we found that very few people had gone to the expense of purchasing a headset (the Xbox 360 comes with a free headset). This lack of voice communication is a severe detriment to the enjoyment of online team multiplayer games but it also hampers something far more important."

So stupid not to deliver it with the PS3. Like not adding HD cables also. One can say: well the cost of those aren't so high, but reality is people still don't buy them, which destroys the nr. 1 fun of online playing together: talking, having a strategy. It's just dumb running around acting like morons.

"The Xbox Live service takes communication far beyond the features offered on the PS3. The friends list is present as well and you are able to message people just like the PS3. However, on the Xbox, you can do it all in-game. If you receive a message while playing a game on the PS3, you cannot read it or reply to it while playing the game. You're forced to finish your game then go back to the home screen in order to either reply, or start a text chat. On Xbox Live you can not only text chat with someone during game play but you can also voice chat with them as well - no matter what games you and your friend are playing."

PS3 is really last gen in online gaming, facts facts

Sony fanboys defend the overpromissing and underdelivering of Sony to their death.

End of story

Maddens Raiders4740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

talking to you is pointless as it's akin to telling a heroin addict not to use while your heating it up.

As far as chattting it up with [text] during in-game play is a no no for me so that doesn't interest me whatsoever. If you guys are doing that now on a regular basis, more power to you. These features will all be added I'm sure with the 2.00 and subsequent updates. No way that SNE will lag behind LIVE much longer in that regard. I'm sure of it.

Nothing will ever take place of the features MS offers to its users with the IM and Live services online, because those are proprietary items that go hand in hand. Again as far as chatting it up that much I can audio or video/audio chat it up with the best of them while I'm not playing a game. Now if I'm playing a game Im playing a game and don't want to pay attention to a whole bunch of messages and popups ~ it drives me crazy. All of these features will be added to the PSN besides the MS ip's and stability of the PSN and the PlayStation 3 equipment itself are superb. Take it for what it's worth Martin, no worries about rings or towels or slowdown. Insomniac, Evolution, SNE and their partners are working out the unification of all the servers and they won't stop 'til it's right. For it's debut the PSN has really delivered. I don't think any of us believed this stuff [the PS3 & the PSN] would deliver the way they have so far, and it's only getting better as the days tear by, oh yeah and its FREE. And on top of it all my friend, Home is coming [it's here] for which LIVE has no answer. Think about it. Home is real and intruiging. People love it. Grow Up and buy a PS3 Martin, stop eyeing it from afar; it's time.


kornbeaner4740d ago

How would you know, you haven't even played one for more then 5 min at your local store. Most of what he said is either outdated or incorrect. I view youtube all the time on My PS3, filecabi, daily motion, most of these sites work fine on my PS3. The fact that a headset wasn't included and HDMI cable is a bummer, but they are already losing at least $250 per system sold. Plus the fact that "ANY" bluetooth headset can be used only benefits the consumer since were not stuck paying for a product that at times won't work, HMMM.... yeah many site complain about the voice chat in Xbox live so it works both ways.

And as far as "BEING FORCED" to finish a game to read my message. What's that all about I doubt somebody is gonna give you some groundbreaking news over Xbox Live, so whats the problem. Finish your game and get to the message after your done it's that easy.

This guy wrote a half-assed review, some of what he said does take place but the biggest gripes he had were either wrong or they are easily fixed by the consumer.

Biphter4740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

and the browser has gone through a bit of an overhaul since the early firmwares. Since getting my PS3 in March the speed of the web and store has increased dramatically over the last few firmwares. I was disappointed at first as it seemed only marginally faster than the PSP (Which is DEAD slow). But now it loads quicker than my PC!! And its alot smoother scrolling too. Plus with the added zoom feature thats attached to R3 its now my default web browser (I use it more than the PC). Of course im writing this on my laptop, typing is still an arse ache on PS3 without a keyboard ;) But browsing is more comfortable on the PS3.

The article seems drastically out of date, but I agree with the problems with the store, its really dire compared to live marketplace, but we can give Sony slack seeing as they are only just starting, I just hope they get their act together SOON.

The last statement was bang on: -

"Until that day, the only area in which the PS3 online service excels is gaming performance, which may well be enough to satisfy a good number of users."

Its actually the MAIN thing I want, and ironically its nailed on the (few) PS3 games that use online as focus. The unification of live is nice and makes life simple, but at the end of the day, my experience with both says the same as this guy. PS3 online is alot better when you get down to the basics.. SPEED.

Mart, Seriously man... You gloss over the facts and present the most negative spin EVERY TIME on any news article to do with the PS3. I can understand your love of Xbox 360, its a fine machine, but why do you act this way?

You do realise you are AS BAD if not WORSE than the Sony fanboys you so often criticise, don't you? That makes you a hypocrite. Are you a gamer? if so act like one! I get the impression you are an older guy like myself who has been into video games for a long time, but you act like a 10 year old boy in the school yard.

I've been playing games (And collected game systems) for the last 25 years, i've got just about all the consoles you can name (And some computers too). and enjoyed every one of them, even failures like the Atari Jaguar (T2K WOW!). I've played many many games but overall I prefer Sonys machines for the diversity of games thats appeared on their systems.

I also like how Sony try to make their catalogue diverse and strive for innovation amongst their own studios, im not a fanboy as such, I won't blow Sonys horn or any other company for that matter, but you seem hell bent on killing Sony! If you'd played games for as long as you seem to have, you'd SURELY appreciate what Sony have done? And are trying to do with the PS3?? Looking deep to the future, Microsoft and Nintendo both have very differing ideas which I appreciate too, I especially like Microsofts IPTV idea and the general media center integration (Although my experience with MCE to Xbox 360 was quite tragic and put me off a bit). Nintendo have gone all lowfi and retro on us, which is kinda cool for the time, and trendy, which goes for the kids for sure.

The thing is im a parent now and don't have as much time to read about games and stuff. I like N4G because it rounds up my news and I can look at it quickly and still "be in" with whats going on. But I must say commenters like you and some others on here really put me off, and I serously think how you can possibly be a true gamer if you discredit Sony so much. I do actually think you have some sense in what you say, and you seem like an intelligent guy, but its so one sided it instantly brands you bias and you loose all respect.

Give Sony a chance man! Try and talk like a gamer with passion instead of hate!

And to all the Microsoft haters, Give them a chance too! They've only just started out really in this mad console race and aren't doing too bad at all!

Nintendo doesn't seem to get much hate here which is nice :)

Long live SEGA!!

This site has the potential to be a really cool haven for gamers, but right now its mostly a pit of angry angsty fanboys spending most of their time arguing! Damn shame.

VaeVictus4740d ago

For those interested in using mic support, they can start a room for people with "mic's." It's very easy.

I agree that there is plenty of work to be done, but it isn't absolutely terrible. Few console games require a mic for successful online play (Gears) while in other games it's just a matter of skill. Voice support is nice, I'd prefer all games to have it on the PS3 w/0 a doubt, but it doesn't kill my experience.

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DJ4740d ago (Edited 4740d ago ) like 2006? I went online with my friend's PS3 and it was Silky Smooth (and fast). Not sure how one can complain about "lack of unified servers" when this in no way affects the gameplay experience. Well, to his credit, the author wrote "the only area in which the PS3 online service excels is gaming performance". I actually found that quote kind of humorous since it's probably the most important aspect of online gaming. I still can't find a single person who's experienced lag on Resistance online...

And How Did MaddensRaiders get dropped to one bubble?! The dynamic Bubble system on this site is ridiculous and far too easy to abuse. We need to do away with it.

Playstation Network, much to the surprise of many journalists, runs on unified and non-unified servers. A lot of developers such as Epic Games, Squaresoft, etc, prefer running their own servers rather than doing everything that Microsoft requires (Xbox Live has strict requirements that sometimes adversely affect game developers). For example, Unreal Tournament 3 will be running on the exact same online setup for both the PC and PS3 versions; this allows Epic to customize the gameplay experience for these users. Smaller developers, the ones who don't have the resources or experience to run their own servers are actually allowed to use Sony's internal network.

This is a pretty neat concept since it gives freedom to the needs of developers, and this is a very attractive option when compared to tightly-controlled networks like Xbox Live. It all depends on what they prefer.

Bhai4740d ago

"the only area in which the PS3 online service excels is gaming
performance, which may well be enough to satisfy a good number of

.......I don't see how this is a bad thing, he is a strange writer
indeed, c'mon man, isn't 'Gaming Performance' the major focus when we
talk about online aspects ? Funny, isn't it...when we talk about extra
features of PS3, critics always say its the games that define the true, so when its the better edge of PS3 for remarkable &
totally lag-free online gaming performance, how does it become 2ndry ?!

WIIIS14740d ago

Dave Jansen, you don't have to state the obvious.

rowdy 14740d ago

"Until that day, the only area in which the PS3 online service excels is gaming performance, which may well be enough to satisfy a good number of users." XBL has alot of lag. The PSN will really be picking up steam once the HOME servers are up and running full force. XBL is a very good service though. I just don't like the points and the 60bucks a year. With all the MMO's Sony has coming out it I will definatley be playing PSN more. The future just seems brighter for SONY. Yeah I know $60bucks a year is cheap, but it takes $60 bucs a year to put gas in my fishing boat.

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