Sony Working on New Disc Format, Possibly For PS4

In a recent interview with Play3, Sony's Senior VP of Product Development, Shuhei Yoshida said that the PlayStation 4 will use optical storage discs like Blu-Ray for blockbuster games. This was surprising considering Sony's digital push with UMD-less PSPgo, and the trend the gaming industry has shown toward digital distribution.

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Sev3601d ago

What do you think? Will the PS4 stick with Blu-Ray or usher in a new format like the previous PlayStation consoles have?

They PS4 couldn't be out anytime in the next two years for Sony to go this route.

TheHater3601d ago

If it cheap to manufacture and cheaper than Blu-Ray while better, then I am all for it.

T3mpr1x3601d ago

I am torn here. On the one hand, continuing Blu-Ray makes sense - the format's capacity can actually be expanded requiring just a firmware update to enable the laser to read it. On the other hand, a disc that can contain up to 6 TB of data would be incredible. Due to their cost of manufacturing, optical media still has the advantage over a purely download-enabled console - Blu-Ray discs cost a few dollars to produce whereas a 300 GB HDD, while roomy, costs at least $50 and cannot be as easily swapped out in a console to play different games.

snipermk03601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

and I know SONY will deliver. They have been market innovators ever since I was knee-high to a grasshopper.

Reibooi3601d ago

If it's just to be used in the PS4 fine. But I don't want another disc format being pushed for movies. It's annoying having to re buy stuff when a new format comes out and another one so soon after Blu-ray(even if it happens 2-3 years from now) is far too soon.

Blu-ray is very expandable and it would make sense to keep it going in PS4.

Dark General3601d ago

If Sony knows what's good for them they'd stick with Blu-Ray. Just lower the prices to replicate on it or switch up on the DRM for them over time. Introducing a new format AGAIN could be suicide. Specially with Blu-Ray starting to catch on more and more.

S M N3601d ago

BD is more than enough for the next two genretion if the 500GB BD is true

they just need to put faster blue ray player

randomwiz3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

i know it would break sony's tradition of a new format with every console but i think they should stick with a FAST bluray drive.

Blu ray is expandable to many layers so in a way it is future proof.

bjornbear3601d ago

if it worked with Bluray players!

as in, that way it could still be used for blu-ray readers, and it would be cheaper for them (as opposed to completely REDOING the whole disk reading dock)

Megaton3601d ago

The format wars lingered for too long, so BluRay adoption is happening later than it should have, meaning it would be harder to push a new format out to the public so soon. I remember my friend was in a focus group for BluRay in 2001, just to give you an idea of how damn long it's really been around for.

Supposedly BluRay is also capable of being layered to 1TB, so I really don't see any reason why we'd need a new format in the PS4. It's not like there's a whole lot of compression going on in those 25gb/50gb BR's right now anyways. To my understanding, most of what fills those discs is just uncompressed audio.

Jamegohanssj53601d ago

Hm. I'm kind of speechless on this one. It's a good thing and it's a bad thing, but I'm all for whatever goes on.


Bathyj3601d ago

I dont buy this. BluRay can go heaps bigger and drives can get faster. Why go through all the drama of a new format so soon when the current one is upgradeable?

The only way I see it happening is if the new format players (ei PS4, and standalones) still played Blurays and DVD's.

WildArmed3601d ago

I hope they do continue blu-ray.
I love the ability of the ps3 being able to read bluray and DVD.
If sony did push another format and left bluray behind I'd be disappointed. (Unless they add a bluray player to the ps4, but then they better keep the price point in mind)

LoVeRSaMa3601d ago

Depends how soon the PS4 is, if its in 7 years, then i suspect perhaps a new format, though if its say 4 - 5 years I think they will stick to Bluray.

Bluray has done very well, but its progress was not as fast as DVD, the transition from DVD to BluRay was fine but it could be risky doing it again soon.

BluRay has lots of growing room left, with 500GB disks for example, I believe BluRay will be with us for a while longer where Sony is concerned.

Aclay3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

As much as I would like for Sony to continue the trend of introducing a new disc format each generation, I have to say, I think Sony should just stick with Blu-ray in the next Playstation unless the new format doesn't cost that much more to produce than Blu-ray.

3rd party developers are barely even scratching the surface of Blu-ray's capacity this gen. on the PS3, and if they aren't utilizing Blu-ray like they should right now, a newer/ better disc format next gen. more than likely won't encourage 3rd party's to take advantage of the new disc format either, especially if the next Xbox doesn't have the same equivalent of a disc format.

If Sony came out with a new disc format, I imagine it would be used JUST for games, and it's not like Sony will be able to actually make much money off of the new format in other venues because I just don't see any other new disc format after Blu-ray being adopted for other entertainment uses like DVD/Blu-ray because:

Everything is increasingly going digital, Blu-ray has finally started to hit it's stride and hit a mass market price. Also Blu-ray is expandable via multiple layers and something like a PS4 capable of playing Blu-ray's up to 250GB or whatever in size is more than enough space to me.

TOO PAWNED3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

New format? No, movie industry won't support it. It is not needed, and besides Sony won that battle so they now have most of that marketshare or better said WILL have once DVD ends up having same fate as VHS. Also keep in mind that BR disc with several layers are in works, so they can have those for next PS machine.
So no, no new format.
PS4 2 years from now? No way. 3-4 years from now, yes. Economy is in bad shape, end of 2011 sony will hit 199 with PS3, so called "the price point" that everyone wants, so why release then PS4? makes no sense and it is not needed.
My hope is 2013-2014 are years when we get new systems, let us enjoy these systems for a while...

beardpapa3601d ago

F U to digital game downloads. I want to be able to sell my used games.

I only cringe at the thought of future college students that have to pay for digital text books with no assurance they can sell them back if the advent of e-readers take supremacy over paper in the near future.

Oner3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

Hhmm pose a good question. When you think about the security that BD & the PS3 currently offers/proven to them, especially as a company who has to protect their IP's/product (especially for investors, devs and such) added with the space available (and easily upgradable) then one would probably have to say that the next iteration of the PS will most likely have just an upgraded BD media format. <-- Run on sentence much? LoL

My only real concern is if you remember that Ken Kutaragi is not with them anymore. It is actually a just bit scary as to the future of the PS line! Think about it ~ the next PS console will not have the "Father of PlayStation" behind it...but does/will that really affect one of, if not gaming's most widely genre'd and popular line of gaming products? IMHO, I don't think so...but it does make me pause and ponder about it as I just have.

But if I had to give my best guess at this stage/point of the game (so to say) it will 100% have some form of disc based media (tangible items are ultimately king) or POSSIBLY something along the lines of flash media/solid state with the inclusion of a HDD standard and almost definitely cloud storage/gaming connectivity based off the infancy the PS3 lays out hopefully by the end of it's life cycle. <-- Again with the run on sentence! LoLx2

One thing is for damned sure though ~ if it's not really "something new" in the form of disc based media the rest of the console itself will UNDOUBTEDLY contain more than what it's competitors offer! Just as Sony always have.

NateCole3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

Its really hard to tell.

Only a few years ago people were saying that 25-50 gig blu ray is over kill and not needed. Now in only 3 years we are starting to see that 25 gig is really not that big.

10 years in tech dev is like and eternity. Also alot of other factors must be considered like other forms of distribution like digital distribution and how it will affect global distribution of media content.

The problem with digital distribution right from the begining is that it depends entirely on the internet infestructure as is. We all know this. What we also know is that content/media increase in size expenontially year over year. The internet speed and pentration can not keep up unless there is a revolution in broadband tech that will ensure global access of high speed broadband. This is why physical media will always be needed and until then DD will never replace it.

For me personally. I would love for Sony to bring out an new super format for the PS4. However i am not that enthuastic about it compare to when they first announced blu-ray. Right now i am storing most of my content on inexpensive hard drives which are continuing to plummet in prices. Mind you, Sony announced blu ray back in 2003 when i was using a 128 MB flash drive. I was stoked with the idea of storing 25 gigs!! of data on a single disc.

Time will tell. It will depend on Sony and their vision of the future of home entertainment. If Sony sees the need for an obtical format past blu-ray max capacity for home entertainment in the next 10 years. You can bet your ass Sony will develop a new format for the PS4. Thats how Sony works. For example Sony foresaw that 3d and hybrid media will be part of home entertainment withing this console cycle gen. They knew very well that DVD would have never cut it so that's why they went with blu.

My prediction is they will go with a new optical media. As much as we think that blu-ray and 3d is the ultimate now. In 3-5 years time we will view them as obsolete like DVD is now. Thats tech for you. In 5 years we will probably see Ultra Definition at 2160p holographic images 9.1 sounds that require 3 terabyte at the very least. Sounds absurd now but thats what 1080p 3d 7.1 sounds like 6 years ago.

People should not fear or hate the future. We should embrace it. Sony should never ever stop innovating for what they see is needed for the future of home entertainment. Be glad they are the ones spending billions on their R&D and not you.

@oner : I also fear that Ken is no longer the head of PS. Perhaps it will affect how Sony approach the PS4. However before this gen is over i am 100% sure that the PS3 will be a success on the same level as the PS1 and it might force Sony to incorporate Kens input. I really really do hope so. Ken to me is a true advocate of tech and gamers in general. He is a legend.

jack_burt0n3601d ago


bubs to you mate for the Ken statement.

sikbeta3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

The Sony Crew said long Time ago that Blu-Ray is probably the last Media Format, look what they can do with this tech, add more layers +250GB, +320GB and much more GBz

Sony don't really need to worry about creating a new Media Format, being one of The Core Members of the BDA, Royalties will pay for long, long and so on

InfectedDK3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

IS people stupid nowadays.. Really!
Why the hell should they stop making games on Blu-ray and let families download 8 gigs at their homes instead as their only option.. Anybody could tell that the more options the better.. And I still rather wanna buy games on a Blu-ray Disc so that it can stand on my shelf and so that I can take it with me.. It's obvious.. Why do people keep on getting shocked by this.. I see articles once in a while about the PS3 and why they don't stop making Blu-ray.. get yourself together.. You'r work are useless!

And yes next up is 3D Blu-ray movies and games!
So THAT is the next "format"..
Which will run on any PS3 btw..

EDIT: btw I'm not attacking this specific article, as it just raises questions.. However there are theese articles once in a while that asks why the hell they will use Blu-ray for the PS4 and not only downloadable games..

ReservoirDog3163601d ago

Whatever I guess. I know I'm gonna end up buying it anyways. I'd rather stick with blu ray so it has a little more longevity but who's to say this is anytime soon? So whatever. I'm sure they know what they're doing.

kneon3601d ago

if PS4 ships in the next 2-4 years it will be bluray. But as they've already proved they can do 500gb on 20 layer disks I don't think there is a need for anything more. 10x increase in one generation is more than what they got going from DVD to dual layer bluray which was less than 6x.

Now if they can produce some exotic new ultrahigh capacity drive with bluray backwards compatibility without a significant cost penalty then I'm sure they would use it in the PS4. If nothing else it would show how the PS4 would once again contain superior technology. But I'm quite skeptical that such a device will exist at an appropriate price point by that time.

DaTruth3601d ago

If it's just for games, than that will be good; But they can't be looking to another movie format, it would be unnecessary and our eyes can't even see that well! Bluray is likely good enough even for 4K!

AKNAA3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

If multiplatform developers want all their games to be equal on both ps3 and 360( which is still dvd) and 360 is insisting on lasting as long as the PS3, then its quite obvious that blu-ray won't even be used at half of its capacity, let alone the whole 50g's throughout this game generation, which is unfortunate....

So I'm sure sony will be smart enough to stick with blu-ray, but with a more advanced, higher capacity blu-ray disc though.

Timesplitter143601d ago

I think it would be a huge error to create a new format so soon. Blu-Ray has yet to become a standard.

They should just create better blu-rays

cLiCK_sLiCK93601d ago

What if they are indeed working on a new format and its integrated on the PS4, I doubt Sony will drop Blu-ray as their primary Movie format. Its too early to drop bluray since people are barely finding out the difference between bluray and DVD. Maybe its a new format specifically designed to work with the PS4? Just like the UMD without the whole movie BS.

frankymv3601d ago

to the game HArdware 2?

ThanatosDMC3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

It will probably be still "bluray" but bigger capacity and maybe backwards compatible? But this is probably just another lame article. Good read though.

vhero3601d ago

Whoever wrote the article is guessing here Sony rep didn't say anything about a new media format here and bluray storage is far from maxed out yet anyways. This is a massive guess article. Bluray will be THE media storage for years to come now.

hay3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

If they hit with the new tech, it'll be used for games only in the beginning. It'll take years to adopt third format in the market. Be aware that the new readers will be backwards compatible with bluray, dvds and cds which will maintain BD position.

Also, HVDs from initial data we can conclude that HVDs are meant to hit the market in 2019. Maybe they're trying to sped up things or just take longer to develop. I mean even now, 3 years in BD life circle they found out new, more convenient way to use BDs.

I say there's nothing to be afraid of. IF the news is true.

But on the other side, Sony's working on HVDs for some time now...

travelguy2k3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

meaning as long as blu-ray players can read the disks, then great.

I may also be speaking too soon on this, but i cannot see a game needing 6tb of space. Part of the reason PS3 games need as much space as they do is because the drive are slow (2x) and so developers put the data on the disk more than once so its faster to access. All the PS4 needs is a 12-24X BD drive and they will not need to replicate the data, wont even need to use the HDD as much. And if the PS4 can also play the new format then its a bonus. But i do think its too soon to usher in a new format for movies, and for Ultra HD T.V's. 4-8 years at the current resolution would be fine. At that point if Sony already has the tech developed and the costs have already been reduced to an affordable point. Then i would Jump In.

DeadlyFire3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

Currently as it stands with HVD and Blu-Ray. Both of them have versions in the works that go up to or around 100-500 GB to be released within the next 5 years. In theory HVD can go as high as they say, but for consumer use it will not be there for awhile.

It would make no sense for Sony to jump to a newer more expensive format when that is what crippled the PS3's early growth. If they are to jump to a new format it would be for the PS5. Not the PS4. Blu-Ray has plenty of room to grow and prosper for nearly another decade. There are many new variations of Blu-Ray in the works that go up to 500 GB or so even. Sony will likely pick one of them at some point.

whoelse3600d ago

This would annoy me because it would drive the price up. Many people bought a 360 because they didn't care for Blu-ray, so wasn't worth the extra cost at all.

Finalfantasykid3600d ago

I think it would be smartest to just use Blu Ray Discs but with more than 2 layers. I think theoretically, the BRD can store like 250GB of data(or was it 200?) I think even just 100 GB would be overkill for next generation games, but if what I am hearing is true, with games being Quad HD for next generation, the textures in the games would have to be absolutly massive, along with any videos etc, so the storage required could go up very quickly. But I think it would be best if sony continued with Blu Ray discs but with many more layers, since it would lower the launch price of the system.

rockleex3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

There's already work on 200+GB Bluray discs.

I think Bluray still has a long way to go before it reaches its max potential.

I don't think there's a need for 6TB discs anytime soon. Few people even have the need for 1TB hard drives yet!

NateCole3600d ago

As i said. It will depend on Sony and their vision of future home entertainment and weather 400gig blu ray will be enough.

Theoretically for gaming if we are going capacity increase we will likely see the use of 400gig blu ray. From CD to DVD saw an increase of about 10 times. From DVD to blu-ray 50gig is also about 10 times. So from 50 gig blu-ray to 400gig blu ray we will see 8 times increase.

For folks that don't know yet. Sony started developing blu-ray in 2000. That was 10 years ago and only now blu-ray is standard and mainstream. So if Sony is developing another super format by convention it won't be mainsttream like blu is now until 2020. Just something to think about.

ShinRyuHadoken3600d ago


Agreed, Sony PS4 will not coming in 2 or 3 years from now. And ofcourse they will come out with new format like previous Playstations. Although Im not agree with the article saying it will easy support 1080p that is not meant for. It's meant to be for the ULTRA HD. Offcourse 1080p is nothing by then.

"According to an article in the current issue of GameInformer magazine (Dead Space Cover; Issue 201) Sony is hard at work on “the next jump”, a disc similar to the previously announced Holographic Versatile Disc. The disc is said to have a capacity of 6TB (terabytes) or 6,000GB (gigabytes), more than enough to support 1080p HD video, 3D imagery, uncompressed loseless HD audio, along with any other AV codec you could throw at it. "

fullmetal2973600d ago

I think Sony should just go with the digital download trend. Digital downloads will be cheaper than buying an actual physical copy. You're just paying for the data and not the case, manual, and disc. A 1tb HDD may be expensive now but will be cheaper over time.

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George Sears3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

Most games to this day don't even fill a Blu Ray discs so making or at least adding a new format towards the PS4 is just a waste of time and another way to blindly ripoff consumers.

Stick with Blu. It's getting cheaper to make and even my grandma now knows the difference between Blu ray and DVD. Explaining to her or my parents the difference again will spread massive chaos and confusion, the Baby Boomer Y2K.

lightningsax3601d ago

I'm not sure that they'd do a completely different commercial format, but maybe a type of disc that can read Blu-Ray with a bigger storage capacity. That way, you could have PS4 games, but the movie formats would stay the same. Heck, maybe it could be - gasp - backwards compatible if they did that!

jack_burt0n3601d ago

nope after 64gb, 320gb BD3d is next and its backwards compatible.

lightningsax3601d ago

Ha. Well, I guess my comment to #2 has some actual clout behind it, hehe.

SprSynJn3601d ago

I am curious as to why you are the only one who has commented on the validity of this article. Why would a high-level Sony employee confirm the next iteration of the Playstation family, when no one else has mind you, to a no-name website? This is how you guys are fooled.

DaTruth3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

Sev has said he has a source inside SCEA for a long time now. If you have a source, you are not a no-name site but maybe a good friend of someone who hooks you up!

This is the site of the original PS3 Slim rumours and PSPGo rumours. He has a good rep in the true rumours game; That is why nobody else is calling BS!

T3mpr1x3601d ago

Oh and let's not forget the video of Project Trico that set the (gaming) internet on fire.

yogaflame3601d ago

I hope topics about next gen or ps4 will not be endorse since this gen of console still has a lot of power adn ps3 is just hitting it strides in sales and market appeal, i hope ps4 topics will be stop

avengers19783600d ago

It's no surprise that the future consoles will utilize blu-ray, and since they are uping the storage of the blu-ray it seems right. It's not like a better way to read media will be out any time soon. The PS4 will not be out anytime soon think 4 years from now. You will see a new nintendo and a new xbox(that is if microsoft decides to make another) before you see a new Playstation

RedDragan3600d ago

The PS4 will not use a new type of disc. That would be counter-productive for Sony.

If you take a look at how Blu-Ray is evolving, you can see that with a 400GB BD-Disc already being made, and a 1TB BD-Disc being designed, the current format is perfect for at least a decade in gaiming.

The next generation consoles will all have Multi-layer Blu-Ray drives... PS4, Xbox 720, Wii 2 and whatever else may pop up from Apple or whoever.

Digital Distribution will also grow but it will be a far way away from replacing the disc format because even in 2012 the vast majority of people will not have the internet infrastructure to support the download sizes. Look at the UK, which is now the 2nd largest gaming market, by 2012 the UK government hopes to have everyhouse upto 2Mbit/s... the vast majority of the UK will not see the faster 25Mbit/s offered by cable.

This is the same for the USA and the rest of the EU, although the amount of people with access to this kind of internet infrastructure will grow.

Hence, people will probably have the option to purchase the disc, and/or download the game... but the disc will remain the main format.