RISK: Factions Announced For XBLA

E4G: Today Electronic Arts announced that they will be bringing Hasbro's popular RISK game to XBLA.

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kiikoooo3598d ago

isnt this on ps3 too or as a mini? :(

WildArmed3598d ago

MAybe we'll hear about it later.
Anywayz it better have online.
i dont want a dmn board game into a console w/o online play.
*cough* stupid monopoly*cough*

Bnet3433598d ago

I'm sold. The first news post from E4G that's actually worthy. But yeah, RISK. Monopoly should be next WITH online play.

dkblackhawk503598d ago

Thanks, we hope everyone else likes the new way that we will be bringing worthy news posts :D

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Bigpappy3598d ago

It will be more like civilization. War/strategy

travelguy2k3597d ago

on ps2, i did not care for risk 2 though.

Me and my buddy would stay up all night playin that dang game, lost allot of sleep to it.

SuperStrokey11233597d ago

I wish it was on PSN as well... would be awesome...

Saaking3597d ago

I love Risk, this is pretty cool.

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DEA Fresh3598d ago

Sounds like they might ruin a classic. Hopefully it isn't corny and has good MP

kingdavid3598d ago

EA and hasbro arent a good combo (as seen in family game night). Please dont be 1200 points and apart of that package.

Rockox3598d ago

I hope they base it off of the Risk 2210 A.D. boardgame. It's one of the best new versions of Risk, in my opinion.

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The story is too old to be commented.