Spawn Kill Impressions: Dark Void

Dave "Snarkasaur" Stewart of Spawn Kill writes:

"Demos are usually, for me, enough to tell me whether I will buy the game or not. Infamous and Dante's Inferno are both two recent examples of games that demos completely sold me on. Capcom has something here with this jetpack business, but I'm not sure they've done enough to convince people of that. I suppose the reasons for this will become clear on the 19th when people start getting their hands on Dark Void officially. Personally, I'd like to see it work. We'll see."

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K-Tuck4512d ago

Still haven't checked this one out, but after reading this I am certainly interested in the premise.

Snarkasaur4511d ago

Yeah I'm still not sold or unsold on the game. It's not a great demo.

Obama4511d ago

Not sold by the demo. Too mediocre, too short.

rrquinta4511d ago

I haven't tried the demo yet, but while a good demo can definitely sell a game, I do feel sometimes that a demo can do the game an injustice. I'm definitely eager to see how this game ends up, as I think it could either be one of the best games of the year, or just another "meh" title.