The free iPhone game Trawler Report: the cute and the horrific go head to head with Balloon Headed Boy and Zombie Attack! Bridge D

Pocket Gamer:

In the UK at least, the big news recently has been all about one thing - snow. Maybe it's just because we're getting a bit old, but it doesn't seem quite as great a thing as when we were kids. Snow now means travel hell, falling over in public and the possibility of not being able to get home. Possibly ever.

If you're stuck at home, there are few things better than a free iPhone game. Forget the fact that if it wasn't snowing, you'd probably be doing something more productive and interesting, just sit back in a nice cosy chair and download some of this week's suggestions.

We've even got two full freebies on offer this week, so cast aside the freezing conditions outside, turn up the central heating, and give way to some iPhone gaming goodness. Sadly, we'll still be working.

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