750GB-Powered PlayStation 3

Japan's T-ZONE.PC DIY SHOP has outfitted a PS3 with an external 750GB HDD. The shop is rather famous for modding game consoles and putting them on display. This go around the aim was to prove that it is possible to install large HDDs on the PS3 and thus is not for sale.

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sadiq4238d ago

stupid fools ppl have already done this and why the hellw ould u use 2 drives for 750gb, they have 750gb single drives, so 750gb +750gb= 1.5tb

ITR4238d ago

Currently the PS3 doesn't recognize anything over 698GB.
The reason for two drives is so you can run a RAID 0 and RAID 1 on the PS3 possibly with YellowDog.

The PS3 would need a firmware update or the firmware needs to be cracked so it can be updated beyond 698GB.

The Century RAID HDD setup has been on sale in Japan since Jan of 2007.

Maddens Raiders4238d ago

I said the same thing when I saw it November 2006.

JohnCarpenter4238d ago

External devices suck. Im no fan of the 360 HD-DVD solution either.

ITR4238d ago

It connects via the SATA connection so it's connecting just like a reg drive would with no slow down.

I like how you threw a jab at the 360 along with the post though.

sumfood4u4238d ago (Edited 4238d ago )

Why of Why do they have more interest in GB than Dropping the Damn Price? Like Having Upgradeable Room Space in the middle of the Sahara Dessert! You won't be seeing people waiting in line to by that system while drinking out of the Oasis!