Civilization Coming to PS3?

It seems Sid Meier is a Playstation fan and believes that the time is right for consoles. He says he's working on a suprise or two; could Civilization be making it's return to Playstation?

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ngg123454739d ago

This came to shock to me for some reason. One of the greatest developer's of all time who made x-com, pirates, and civilization loves rfom? It is like an oxymoron to me for some reason.

ErcsYou4739d ago

ahhhhh. x-com, that was a good game. this and masters of orion captured my heart long ago

i still remember launching games from dos...

Bebedora4739d ago

You're old. Very very....very very VERY old! LOL

I know playing Civ1 on the amiga. It later was ported to DOS.

Sully9074739d ago

I would definitely welcome this,I havn't played the most recent civilization games because i don't have a good computer lol.

Maddens Raiders4739d ago

the power of the CELL is intruiging.

KoolMan4739d ago

I was hoping 4 a comand and conquer game but this would do just fine

_insane_cobra4739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

As great as Sid Meier is, he had nothing to do with X-Com.

ngg123454739d ago

Microprose is firaxis. They were both owned by sid meier.

_insane_cobra4739d ago

Yes, but personally he had nothing to do with production of any X-com game. There was an expansion pack for Civilization 2 that let you play with units skinned as those from X-Com, but that's all.

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The story is too old to be commented.