Where Do You See Gaming Going? Part 2: Advertising

Isaiah Taylor of The Start Screen comments on the state of advertising in the gaming community. From endemic advertising to the ballooning budgets of triple-A games how can this growth help the gaming community? How does it hurt us? Are we headed to a crash similar to that of the early 80's?

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n4f3596d ago

am not really affected by advertisement but its really annoying
and were does gaming is going? i use to like when developper where not overhyping sh!t and fanboy were almost none existant.

Bboy_Izilla3596d ago

Well that could also be another reason why advertising needs to improve. Why don't ads reach us in the same way. I'm also guessing anyone who reads N4G probably has a leg up on how/when/why an ad department may try and sell them on a game.

3596d ago