Man Suffers Temporary Blindness from Gaming Session

It's every gamers worst nightmare, a loss of sight is a surefire way to lose interest in the hobby. Sadly, this is exactly what happened to a Chinese man named Xu.

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xDSJxPyro3597d ago

LOL, you would use that pic. Well a while ago there was a study that eyesight is going to hell because of all the time people stare at computer screens and video games. Well it looks like it just got a little more real, I don't want to go blind from doing the things I enjoy.

GamerSciz3597d ago

My eyes hurt right now looking at the computer :(

Darkstorn3597d ago

Just moderate your screen time. Then you won't go blind by the age of 50.

ChozenWoan3596d ago

4 days with nothing but a monitor and some lube and anyone would go blind.

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Tovan3597d ago

It makes you think about your own gaming habits when you hear stories like this.

cynicalbrit3597d ago

I really think people need to be a little more careful about their habits with technology. People are always sitting inches away from a screen at full brightness, it's the only way my mother can see the damn thing, and people also do things like play their music loud enough to wake the neighbors... while wearing headphones.
We are coming up upon a generation of the partially blind and death.

steve30x3597d ago

I sit two and a half feet away from my monitor and I always lower the brightness of the monitor (test setting on my samsung monitor) when I am using the internet.

Kreyg3597d ago

I wonder what this guys wife is going to do to him. He just disappeared for 4 days to game and went blind. if she was pissed before, she'll be pissed again

Babyreuth3597d ago

this is actually more of a common problem lately.

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The story is too old to be commented.