Sources: Rockstar San Diego not working on more Midnight Club games, future games in jeopardy

Joystiq: "After last week's Rockstar spouse letter, we got in contact with a couple of trusted sources at Rockstar San Diego to find out more information about exactly what's happening inside the studio. Though our sources asked to be kept anonymous, each independently brought up the poor state of the Midnight Club franchise -- a series traditionally handled by the Rockstar San Diego team. "Jay Panek and Mark Garone, people who were at the company for over 10 years, were fired in 2009 after the completion of Midnight Club: LA ... other major people quit, as they lost hope in the company after the handling of MC:LA and didn't want to work on Red Dead Redemption," one source told us."

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vhero3907d ago

Good because the racing market is over saturated with mediocre titles these days and only the strongest will survive. NFS, GT and Forza in the hardcore and in cart section Modnation and Mario Kart the rest are just wanabees or uniques that only sell to a particular market so don't sell very well e.g. NASCAR/Rally/F1.

TooTall193907d ago

DiRT and Burnout are solid franchises.

Automat3906d ago

and yet Racedriver Grid is still the best racing game on the ps3...

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