Reggie: Zelda Wii will be released when it is pefect

Reggie Fils-Aime, President and COO of Nintendo of America, has a little bit of additional news concerning the release of the next Zelda game.

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Valay3592d ago

E3 is way too far away. I'm dying to know what the game looks like right now.

Government Cheese3592d ago

I don't care what Reggie says. If Miyamoto said this exact same thing then that would be fine, but since Reggie said it I just don't care./pessimism

PlainOldGamer3592d ago

LoZ Twilight Princess Was Amazing! And Reggie saying it wont be released until it's perfect, that's AWESOME! I really can't wait to see what they will do and what the "style" of the game will be. Here's looking forward to you un-named Zelda game (^_^)

baum3592d ago

So it's going to release on a next-gen system? Awesome!

A Cupcake for Gabe3592d ago

Reggie + Cammy = Nintendouche.

I wish they would just fire all the idiots at NoA. Shiggy and his crew are getting screwed out by their marketing. Yeah, they sell 100billion systems a year, but $5 says the Wii would of been at the same caliber in specs as the PS3/360 with the Nintendo quality if Nintendo of America never existed.

mikeslemonade3592d ago

How can it be perfect if it's not in HD?

ZoidsRaven3591d ago

Thanks for showing how you guys CAN'T control yourselves when viewing such bait.
This also shows what "gamers" you guys are, seriously...
But never mind. They are here to get proven wrong, then preach the same sh!t on the next Wii article (LMFAO, as if they read anything beyond it's title).
But don't worry people, there are "rules" against this kind of stuff in the "gamer zone". That's why they do this for MONTHS. :B

A game is "perfect" if it's in HD? That most certainly shows when you started gaming. 7_7

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DelbertGrady3592d ago

Love that level of commitment.

Ziriux3592d ago

Good to know. I personally think every publisher should say the same thing.

Montrealien3592d ago

lol, exactly what I thought.

thor3592d ago

Reminds me of Duke Nukem Forever... they didn't want to release it until it was perfect...

asdr3wsfas3592d ago

"Reminds me of Duke Nukem Forever... they didn't want to release it until it was perfect... "

DNF did that with graphics and the game engine. I'm pretty sure based on everything nintendo has done that they mean the content, gameplay, and not the parts that are quickly made obsolete.

walken73592d ago

It's going to use wii controls. So, it will never be perfect. (GIMMICK!)

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The story is too old to be commented.