Microsoft Releases and Response to May NPD Data

Here is what Microsoft had to say regarding the May NDP Data.

"This May, Xbox 360 continued to drive the video games industry, and Xbox 360 users continued to demonstrate their passion for the platform by buying more games and accessories than on any other next-gen console. In fact, U.S. consumers have spent more than two billion dollars on Xbox 360 consoles, games and accessories since November 2006 when our competitors launched their next-gen consoles. This equates to more than twice the sales of our next-gen competitors in that same time frame. In May, more than 154,000 Xbox 360 consoles were sold."

Hit the jump for the complete press release.

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Blasphemy4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

Ms numbers for this month are a joke and this just shows how pathetic the 360 is really doing. You would think with a years worth of titles and huge lead they had they could at least put up 200k units a month. Elite was a dumb idea and should have never been made. They should have just started shipping new 360s with HDMI ports and sold the HDD seperately and canceled the core all together then later this year dropped the price on 360. Do Ms executives even think before they make decisions?

Hooper User4738d ago

"they could at least put up 200k units a month"

If they sold 400k you would have said under 450k is pathetic.

By the way, how many of your beloved PS3 were sold during may ? What? Only half of 360 sales, surely that is not as pathetic as you think, PS3 must be getting his revenge by dominating software sales...

Oh they 0 title in top sellers.... ouch!

TheMART4738d ago

Dude, the 360 sales numbers are pretty fine.

The PS3 on the other hand sells about 60k a month in the same area. Now THAT'S a problem there!

FirstknighT4738d ago

The elite outsells the ps3.....and the premium outsells the ps3! Microsoft is doing just fine :)

DrRage774738d ago

blasphemy, you are a complete idiot. do you know how absolutely stupid your comment is? you are blasting the 360 for selling 155,000 consoles this past month, after being released for 18 months!!! your precious ps3 has been out for 6 months and has sold 80,000 consoles for the past TWO MONTHS!!!!! so let's take a look at this again, and really think about which console is on a fast downward spiral. also, the 155,000 consoles sold by the 360 is the LOWEST it has ever sold, while the ps3 has been selling under 150,000 consoles for the past 4 months or so....the ps3 is the one that is on a downward spiral you twit!

it is amazing how stupid some of these sony fanboys are. i mean come on, how in the world do you expect anyone to take your opinions seriously anymore when you rip the 360 for selling almost DOUBLE the consoles that the ps3 sold????? oh i know, your response will be "just wait til all the great AAA titles come out" is a news flash, the 360 is ALSO going to be releasing their AAA titles (Halo 3, Mass Effect, Bioshock, etc.)

what happens when next month the ps3 sells 60,000 consoles?? i'm sure you will priase it for maintaining consistant sales lol

Silver3604738d ago

And about 40 years of sales experience too. Man MS missed the boat should have hired you instead of Peter Moore.

THAMMER14738d ago

Why are PS3 fans odd?

Blasphemy4737d ago

Sorry buddy I am no moron that title belongs to you. Let's look at history. Psone had a very very slow start just like PS3. In both the cases of Psone and PS2 as the years went on the sales INCREASED from month to month not DECREASED LIKE THE PATHETIC 360. The same will happen with PS3, yeah it may have a slow start now but when the games start coming the sales will go up and they will stay that way. PS3 sales will start to incline in August and they won't fall off throughout this generation.

People under estimate the Blu Ray player also. That is the trojan horse in the PS3 that will make it sell well later on in its life. I am sorry if you pathetic 360 fans can't handle the truth but hey that's the way life goes. I could care less if you guys don't agree with me. You will see it for yourselves so I know I will be right in the long run.

FirstknighT4737d ago (Edited 4737d ago )

Playstation 1 was competing against the N64 and the Saturn. The ps3 is competing with the 360. That is a BIG DIFFERENCE!!!! The 360 is just destroying the ps3 in what matters most......HIGH RATED GAMES!!!!! N64 and the Saturn didn't have that. The 360 sales are not declining...actually they have a steady sales rate. While the ps3 sales plummet each month. Europe sales dropped %80 after the first week. That is HORRIBLE!!!

The Blu-Ray player is the trojan horse you say??? Well if anybody is interested in Blu-Ray, they should wisely purchase the new Samsung BluRay Player 1200. It comes with HQV Processing which destroys the ps3 in video quality.

The ps3 is a flop. Sorry if you were one of the idiots that bought one. But hey, there were idiots that bought an atari jaguar also, so dont feel bad!

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RaceSIMS4738d ago

is the reason if this is true! plz gt5 connect me to others with great game play , i hope EA superbike do it when it come out, gt5 bet not disappoint me like gt4 no online sim, both console supporter,

SF49er4084738d ago

Blashemy u are an idiot arent u? The elite was no a stupid idea. It is a logical solution in releasing a 120 gb harddrive for the more hardcore audience. Without it those who want more space would need to immediatly buy a new 170 $ harddrive right after they purchase their premium with a 20 gb already. And next gen consoles are expensive, masses of people arent gonna buy them yet so they arent gonna sell well. Wii is doin good cause anyone can work for like 1 week and get it. a 360 or ps3 is a sh*t load of money. thee 360 will see bomb sales once august comes and the ps3 will too once lair heaven and mgs4 hits. its jusst price, n ur an idiot

WIIIS14738d ago

I think Microsoft should stop misleading the public by saying that they have "competitorS" when it should be "competitor" instead.

Uganda644738d ago

It's 80k. Where the hell is 60k coming from?

360 however is on a FAST downward spiral into oblivion. Halo 3 will do a temp job, but hell, look at how 360 has "high profile" releases each month scheduled, and yet hardware just keeps dropping. It's the same people buying the games. Blue Dragon will be the exception though - hardly anyone will buy that in America or PAL. Same with Eternal Sonata (until the PS3 release) and Lost Odyssey.

It's a hardcore console - high software, low hardware.

predator4738d ago

ur comments get dumber and dumber every time i read them, what u just sed sounds like i lil kid geting his lolly snatched of him an cryin to mommy, grow up

DrRage774738d ago

if the 360 is on a fast downward spiral to oblivion by selling 155,000 consoles, then how would you describe the situation with the ps3??? the 360 sold almost DOUBLE the amount of consoles as the ps3....DOUBLE!!!!!
what is the logic in your statement??? if the 360 is spiraling to oblivion, then the ps3 is no longer in existance!!!!! morons, that's all we get around here from these sony fanboys. i am dumbfounded by their logic lol

THAMMER14738d ago

Your post reads like some sick cult prayer.

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