New Halo: Reach Info Blowout

TMC: Here's a full list of Halo Reach info taken from the latest Gameinformer.

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mjolliffe3595d ago

So. After that. There really is no point in buying the magazine...

GameOn3595d ago

Is there ever these days?

mjolliffe3595d ago

A lot of the time, yes. Gaming magazines have a lot of good interviews and articles in them, and all the interviews can't be found online.

blue7xx73595d ago

Agree with Gameon information for magazine always leak on the internet so there really is no point in buying them. Anyways sound good seems like its gonna be team based.

randomwiz3595d ago

Only the big stuff is leaked but if you love the gaming industry and game design, you would buy a gaming magazine

gaffyh3595d ago

This sounds good:

"Fully stealthy gameplay is now possible."

It's so annoying having to kill everything because they automatically see you when you go into the perimeter.

I used to get a little bit of frameskipping during the battle sequences in Halo 3, so hopefully they've optimized the game further, seen as they said it can handle double the amount of AI.

Bonsai12143595d ago

doesn't follow the book = let down. the book was absolutely fantastic.

Hisiru3595d ago

I saw the scans, this game looks great!

I can't wait to play it.

Elven63595d ago

I'd buy it for some of the images and such, especially those alluded to in the post. They were also the first to have the information (I doubt it was cheap) so I'd support them by buying a copy.

thegood333595d ago

Sounds fantastic. I like how you can drive civilian vehicles.

2010 is going to be expensive.

ABizzel13595d ago

"Bungie have once again made the Covenant more dangerous and frightening, as they were in Halo 1."

Halo 1 with the modes of Halo 3 (obviously firefight mode as well), and some new ones = the best Halo game that will finally deserve the hype the game gets. Halo 1 is by far the best of the games when it comes to single player, so adding a great online to it can only make it better. Halo Reach is the first Halo game I've ever wanted to buy on day 1.

Bigpappy3595d ago

I can't f'ing wait. They should not release Natal and Halo at the same time. That is crazy! They are going to run out of stock for the Holiday, mark my words. Retailer can not just stock 360 stuff. Gamestop for sure is to small to supply a large mob of people. Halo by itself causes kaios. Halo for the hardcore and Natal for the casuals. If the are going to do the price drop like the analyst predict, they should at lease do that early in the year.

lsujester3594d ago

I'm still worried about just HOW much different it's going to be. Granted, they're promising a lot of things, but promises don't get you jack. Just ask Peter Molyneux.

My main concern is the team aspect of it. There are parts of the previous Halos where you are running around with squad members, but they are largely useless. Is this going to be like that, or is there actually going to be real teamwork involved, like GRAW, RB6, BIA, etc? If it turns out to be the former, and it's just another bigger, prettier Halo... then I'll pass.

Nikuma3594d ago

I hope they can rectify the lackluster Halo 2/3, and bring back an epic game like the original Halo. From the info given it sounds like they could accomplish it... but only time will tell.

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KionicWarlord2223595d ago

" Larger scale combat will be in Reach. Where only 20 AI at a time could be on screen in Halo 3, now over 40 AI and 20 vehicles can be present at a time."


Apocalypse Shadow3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

battles happening in the background,but you can't interact with them.hated that about genji 2.but killzone2 and resistance showed it can be done.

but sounds good.bunjie is impressing me so far.

moneybuyseverything3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

"battles happening in the background,but you can't interact with them."

What made you say that? What you said has nothing to do with the quote. The info states Bubgie and pals up-ed the action allowing twice as many smart AI's fighting your squad versus what we seen in Halo 3 with chief.
Instead of the 3 or 4 vehicles we seen in Halo 3 at any given time, in Halo Reach there could be 20 air or ground vehicles at a time in Reach. I'm not sure why you mentioned or are trying to imply stage prop background visual effects.

That's some pretty pro PS3 and not so stealthy damage control. Shady.

nogolis3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

Actually, you could battle those people in the backdrops of Genji. Granted not all of them, but after you beat a set you'd go further into the back drop and take on more. The enemies in the backdrop were all real time and it showed as they jumped into action as you went along. That isn't a very convincing argument, man.

And Genji 2 was and still is one of the best looking next gen games released. It's stunning to look at. The colors and texture work are really impressive.

Resistance 1 and 2 both had well over 50 enemies on screen. Mag has 256 at once, online no less. Killzone had upwards of 30 at times. This is nothing new. Ps3 has proven it's been able to pull this off for sometime. Xbox 360 playing catch up?

Apocalypse Shadow3595d ago

i could have been full on negative.but i wasn't.bungie is making a not so cutesy M for mature game and it looks better than expected.

microsoft and their devs like to say one thing,but it's really misleading.

real A.I dogs and boys,4x the polygons,new paradigm in gaming,etc.then reality hits and you see the truth.

but i complimented their push to realize a better halo.M for mature should mean what it says and not giggle sounding midget aliens.

IronFistChinMi3595d ago

I'm playing through Resistance 1 at the moment and there is no way that game has upwards of 50 enemies on screen. Can't speak for it's sequel or KZ2 as I haven't got round to those yet.

Greywulf3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

Well he has a point, because thats what EPIC did with gears and the "100's" on screen.

Fool me once right?

Wake me up when a 360 dev delivers on technical ability statements.

nogolis3595d ago

@ Iron, then you're not playing the London levels of the game and certainly not at the reactor level yet. They have 30 and 40 enemies on screen at all times almost. Hell, did you get into the Cathedral? You don't call those enemies? Please, you're not playing the game. There were 100 + huggers in that level all at once and all atacking you.

Elven63595d ago

Gears of War 2 or more specifically the second level (where you're on the trucks) had shown a lot going on, the last levels had hordes of locust especially when you get to ride the Brumack. You could tell there were a lot because your "kill count" for the Seriously 2.0 achievement would be going up when you were walking around, shooting randomly, etc and it would only appear when you reached certain milestones.

It also depends on what kind of textures are being displayed, are they 100 flood textures which don't have as much detail? Or 100 high quality marine textures? Also depends on how much is going on in the background.

Call of Duty 3 on most platforms was nearing the 30-40 unit count during some battles.

zdudynot3594d ago

look at heavenly sword man, hundreds of enemies!
and M.A.G lol

Strikepackage Bravo3594d ago

360 was doing hundreds of fightable on screen with launch games like Kameo and Nintynine knights, and those games looked good too, just stop already, why are you people even here, are there not enough God of War articles for you to read ?

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chidori6663595d ago

i doubt this.. its lok like halo odst.


Trebius3595d ago

I dont understand why the 360 cant handle big online games though...its weird.

Whatever though, leave the BIG DOG multiplayer matches and single player campaigns for the PS3's processing power.

Funny thing is, they're really trying to show what the 360 is capable of, but they still cant touch the PS3's power.

360's been around a year and a half longer and its trying to catch up with PS3.

chrisulloa3595d ago

How adorable, trying to make fun of Halo when you have nothing nearly as good.

Ausbo3595d ago

your proof is a blurry cellphone pic from the pre-alpha footage.

Pistolero3594d ago

Major denial...Halo Reach looks awesome...and they know it.

SSCOOLCHEA3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )


Look Bots , all our exclusive can sell 500 k and will still be happy knowing SONY brings out freash Ips and a Variety of games for us all to pick from and ENJOY . Be happy and celebrate your 6 million copies sold of HALO . While we get to enjoy 10 other exclusive to 1 ......

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TheColbertinator3595d ago

Good details from the campaign.But I want to know if the multiplayer will have more than 32 players.

An aerial CTF mode with Hornets and Banshees would rock

Sonyslave33595d ago

Right now it 16 players but it could change.

Another One3594d ago

Not necessarily just 16. All they said was that it would have at least everything Halo 3 had and then they listed some of those things. So it will have at least 16 players. It could be more than 16, we don't know.

N4PS3G3595d ago

We Need High Quality Scans NOW!!!

I can't believe i'm still watching those blocky pics taken with a 2mpixels camera!!

Internet we have work to do!!

moneybuyseverything3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

High quality scans/pics will have the same impact as the first Cell phone SD Halo Reach trailer vs the HD trailer from Bungie. Watch, those scans will be nothing compared to the real quality, hell you can tell this from the low quality Mag scans.