Dragon Age Has Black People After All

One interesting little quirk of Dragon Age: Origins was the fact that you couldn't make a human character with dark skin. This weekend, BioWare explained why that's the case.

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TheColbertinator3592d ago

So Rivain has dark skinned folks.Now that is interesting.Possible area for DA2 perhaps?

moe843592d ago

DA2 or another expansion. Hopefully expansion content..

3592d ago
moe843592d ago

The fact that people actually cry about this is retarded.

EvilCackle3592d ago

Yep. It's an unfair criticism to lob at BioWare. They actively promote diversity in all of their games. I can only think of maybe four games that have depicted homosexual relationships ever and BioWare's made three (Jade Empire, Mass Effect and Dragon Age).

glennc3591d ago

that just means they are gay racists

mistajeff3592d ago

What? My first DA character was a black elf.

ATi_Elite3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

No black people in Dragon age origins?
Who the hell expects to see Black people in Medieval Europe?

In real history I'm sure they were there (Who do you think put RIMS on the DRAGONS) LOL

no Black people in Lord of the Rings Trilogy either so WHO CARES!

this is not a racist game if thats what they are implying. (get a life)

No asians jews whites blacks italians hispanics arabs indians russians greeks Native americans Space aliens dinosuars unicorns or spider monkeys in PAC MAN. Now that's a Racist Game.