Nintendo Is Green

Nintendo once again was last in Greenpeace's ranking "Guide to Greener Electronics". In a recent interview with Eurogamer however, Nintendo has announced how they've cleaned things up.

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Darkstorn3591d ago

It's commendable on Nintendo's part, but this is (kinda) old news.

NSG3591d ago

Agreed it's commendable. It's not really old as Nintendo just said this yesterday, in response to the news from just a few days ago about the Greenpeace reports.

Eric Cartman3591d ago

Nintendo doesn't really care that much about their "Green Rating" as long as they make money. A few years back they had a rating of 0, the only electronics company with that rating.

Good to see them pretending to care.

SpoonyRedMage3591d ago

It's because Greenpeace makes their numbers up, Nintendo refused to provide them any data so Greenpeace gave them an instant terrible mark.

I'd say it would be pretty hard for Nintendo to be less green than their competitors because they ue the same materials and they have lower consumption for the Wii and the DS than their competitors. Plus they use cardboard packaging for peripherals and Nintendo point cards.

Baka-akaB3591d ago

depends if the same material precisely comes from non environment friendly methods and infrastructure .

It being cheap and reused tech isnt the same thing at all .

SpoonyRedMage3591d ago

Aye, good point but I still think Nintendo we'd be hearing a LOT more about the dodgy dealings Nintendo would probably have to be doing to be as bad Greenpeace says.

and I never mentioned about being cheap and reused... although I suppose that could be a point as well, the manufacturing for the Wii chipset is probably greener than with the 360 and PS3s.(but I don't know, only Nintendo and their suppliers do).

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tigerjo3591d ago

I don't know which one i should get. I like the way the green ds lite looks, but i like how you can get music on the dsi with a sd card. Is getting an sd card worth getting if you have a dsi. I alredy heard about the r4 and im not getting it.

gumgum993591d ago

yes they are. wish I were green T-T

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