MS: Natal is about third-party publishers making money

CC: When the Nintendo Wii was released, many third-party developers found it difficult to make games for the console. But Project Natal won't be like that, according to Microsoft's Robbie Bach.

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Ziriux3598d ago

Yea, true. If the game is done well enough on Natal it will succeed and make millions.

soljah3598d ago

so lets figure this out. there are roughly 36 million xbox 360's out there. maybe half have hard drives. and if ms is lucky they might sell 3 million natal add ons. so where is the money for a 3rd party.
i much rather make a game for a 36 million user base then a few million that have a add on.
p.s. and this is only if they keep natal at 50.00 or less. and btw this is about ms making money always has been and always will.

Noctis Aftermath3598d ago

Their money would be put to better use investing in more first party exclusives.

Kushan3598d ago

You don't need a Hard Drive for Natal and Naral will be aimed at boosting console sales more than anything else, probably by tapping into the casual market.
If Microsoft sells the device right, it should fly off shelves. However, it depends on the games.
Your argument is a bit like saying Wiimotionplus doesn't work because it cuts down the amount of people the developer can aim it at, but plenty of games are coming out for the Wii that make use of it because they wouldn't work without it.
Natal is meant to be about new experiences, not augmenting existing experiences so its no different than a console launch in that developers that get in early are hoping to make money as sales go on.
Which is good, becasue you'll get lots of developers tryng to create THE game that defines Natal, so that with nearly Every Natal unit sold, a copy of said game gets bought as well.

Saaking3598d ago

Natal will just llimit the 360 further. I don't want that and I hope big games (like fable and gears) aren't gimped becuase of it.

darthv723598d ago

MS has relied on 3rd party support more than any other console I can recall. It is obvious they dont have the 1st and 2nd party support like Sony and Nintendo or even Sega when they were around. MS has treated the 360 like they have windows (in my opinion). Build the platform and get everyone else to support it for them. The more you get others to use it and support it the more $$ you get in the long run.

They may find it easier to spend $$ for games here and there as in the end they don't have to deal with the overhead of running other studios. I can honestly say that as far as 3rd parties go, there has never been a system as supported by independents and others alike than the 360. Sony may have the lock on exclusives from 1st and 2nd parties but 360 takes the prize for most active 3rd party support in history.

TheDeadMetalhead3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

Does MS have to say something hyping Natal EVERY SINGLE DAY? Seriously, just shut up about it already. :/

Microsoft Xbox 3603598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

Yeah Natal is not about you gamers, you're more like an afterthought.

Hutch23553598d ago

For months I hear, its the arcade that sells, blah blah blah, I have 30 freinds on my freind list and everyone has a hard drive. Not all bught pro models, some bough hard drives after. I mean who do you think was buying the 20gb hard drives they were selling, and now the larger ones. At launch at the best buy I was at, they had 40 pro and 20 arcade, I have a felling this is the ratio.

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Alcon Caper3598d ago

I'm interested in seeing if they can make some neat adventure games with Natal. Maybe not action filled games, but puzzle-filled interactive games.

I could see old school sierra games take advantage of Natal. I loved solving the puzzles in these games. Maybe with that style of pacing, maybe from a first person point of view, it'd make a nice change from the twitch gaming that seems to plague consoles nowadays.

Or perhaps a Fatal Frame type game. I'd love to see a horror game build for Natal.

mjolliffe3598d ago

Well you've got Alan Wake... Not the scariest game in the world by far, but it'll be hell of a good game with or without Natal.

Alcon Caper3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

Although I'm totally looking forward to playing Alan Wake, I'm still longing for something more like a real-time Myst.

Unfortunately, I think websites like Gamefaqs have completely ruined the discovery of adventure games.

This is coming from a guy who loves those "Trapped in a Room" flash games.

With a real-time version of those games, and with Natal, it could be a great puzzle solving experience.

Here's hopin...

Ziriux3598d ago

I think Alan Wake will be amazing with the Natal.

The Lazy One3598d ago

I agree. Adventure games are kind of lost in today's gaming world. If someone made a really good adventure game, it could catch on like wildfire.

Indiana Jones and the fate of atlantis was a sweet game, and it had literally no action bits. some great puzzles too.

Blu Ray33598d ago

If done correctly,I could also see Natal and Alan Wake creating a great
match up.
Time will tell.

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Valay3598d ago

Even if Microsoft wants third-parties to make money, that's easier said than done.

NateCole3598d ago

lol! and here i thought Natal is MS attempt at rebranding the x360 as a wii alternative.

Whats with the wii hate lately from MS?. Before this gen started MS was heavily praising the wii and recomeneded the wii to compliment the x360.

"MS: Natal is about third-party publishers making money" LMAO!!.

PirateThom3598d ago

The Wii is in their way now.

4Sh0w3598d ago

It's well known besides 1 or 2 exceptions almost no 3rd party devs have been able to sustain successful software sells on the wii platform. Look at the charts every week, made by Nintendo are the ONLY big sellers for the wii, so microsoft saying they want Natal to be different/successful for 3rd party devs is definitely music to 3rd party devs ears, but given microsofts heavy reliance on 3rd party support so far this gen its also a very important strategy for microsofts future plans.

respawnaction3598d ago

I personally want to stick with using a pad and buttons. But thats just me.

NateCole3598d ago

Are you crazy?!!!. Going stone age is the future!!!.

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