Perfect Movie Cast: Gears of War

If a Gears of War movie was ever made, the choices for actors are overwhelming. Koku Gamers list is one that could suffice, but do you agree.

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Runamuck864516d ago

Wow that would be a perfect combo got all the big names

blitz06234516d ago

As much as I'd love Kate Beckinsale and Scarlett Johansson to be in the movie, I don't see how them in a war action movie

RedDeadLB4516d ago

Not too shabby, especially liked the Jack role :D

Ziriux4516d ago

Lol, Arnold as Jack, now that's just pure funny.

Carnage12904516d ago

Gerald Bulter as Marcus Fenix, that would be fine to me.

Ziriux4516d ago

I know lol, Gerard Butler is one of my favorite actors last decade.

Valay4516d ago

Gerald Bulter as Marcus Fenix? I wouldn't mind that.

Ziriux4516d ago

I was hoping no one would say Batista from wrestling, that would have been crap.

joydestroy4516d ago

lmfao @ Chuck Norris and Arnold :DDD

would be a good cast though.

Blaze9294516d ago

Wow pretty solid list. Wouldn't mind Gerald at all either.

Put Scarlett Johanson in it and it's a done deal.

TheROsingleB4516d ago (Edited 4516d ago )

Michael Clarke Duncan as Cole, not LL Cool J.
The man is much more bad-ass than that loser LL :P

Ziriux4516d ago

Duncans personality isn't as big as Coles though.

Bathyj4516d ago

I've always thought Batista would be a good actor. Hes intelligent and charistmatic, and very well spoken.

Hell if Cena and Dibiase can make movies, I reckon hes worth a shot.

baum4516d ago (Edited 4516d ago )

That's a dumb list. Neither Gerard Butler, nor Benjamin Bratt look ANYTHING like these characters. Also, Paul Walker is too small for that role.

"The Rock" fits much better with Dom, "Hulk Hogan" with baird and a beefed up version of Fred Durst would look a lot more like Marcus. They also fit more with the quality of a videogame movie anyway.

Please don't insult moderately good actors with these sub-par roles again.


lol, whatever makes you happy.

Ziriux4516d ago

At Baum.

Thank got you dont write articles or do lists, you're terrible.

Eamon4516d ago

Hmm, Gerard Butler as Marcus Fenix...

nogolis4516d ago

Yeah, that Butler is a helluva spittin' image of the guy, lemme tell ya. You people are so media gazed it's not even funny. You'll like who the media tells you to like.

Ziriux4516d ago

Wow bro, you really are g*ay(happy) i mean, you went as far as to get pics of him. You know they make the people get into shape before putting them in. Also he is fine the way he is. Don't hate Gerard, he is tight.

nogolis4516d ago (Edited 4516d ago )

I'm g*ay (happy)? I'm g*ay (happy) because he's not talented and he's not the man for the job but you're not gay because you think he's "tight" hahaha...

Tight as in what? He's got a tight what? Please, there's some h*m*erotic behavior going on here and it's not coming from me.

AliTheBrit194516d ago

He's been in some pretty awesome movies

300, Law Abiding Citizen, Gamer

nogolis4516d ago (Edited 4516d ago )

What are you, ten? Those movies aren't good... Those movies are terrible. The Gamer? hahaah, oh please. Good for what? Killing and action? LEt's talk scripts, shall we? Wanna talk good script writing with me? Those movies are junk. Junk sales and talent is over looked in Hollywood, kid. You might think those movies were super duper bad ass because MTV glorified them for you. It's all rap, hard metal and action with you kids. It's so sad.

Good is "Brothers" Brilliant script. Brilliantly acted. That's good. Good is "No Country For Old Men" That's good. Good is "Ice Harvest" That is good. That is brilliant cinema. Not this junk you're under the impression is good because of explosions and cussing. Because of story. That is what makes good good. Go away.

Saaking4516d ago

Killing and action. That sounds like Gears to me doesn't it? You wouldn't seriously expect a good story from a Gears movie would you? That's just be dumb.

A Cupcake for Gabe4516d ago

To be one of the main Gears soldiers, these actors are going to have to spend twice as much time as the dudes from 300 and eat staroids every day to look like that. Delta is the most jack bunch of soldiers I've seen in any game minus Chris Redfield in RE5 and Brick in Boderlands.

Syaz14515d ago

the actors who played the punisher from both the recent punisher movies are a good fit? thomas jane or ray stevenson? those movies are not necessarily the best, but the characters potrayed by those actors seem to suite marcus fenix well.

IaMs124515d ago (Edited 4515d ago )

I agree great list, but change Cole and Victor actors with someone else, they just seem to fit right.

EDIT: What about Vin Disel as Cole? He could boast the same mentality, but not look exactly like him.

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cb8104516d ago

Pretty much hit the nail on the head

GameOn4516d ago (Edited 4516d ago )

I think Nick Chinlund (Toombs from Riddick films) would make a much better Marcus.

HDgamer4516d ago

Cole can be played by his voice actor. Lester Speight

Excalibur4516d ago

He looks and acts just like him.
He was great in the Gears of Wars special features.

Gerald Bulter as Marcus Fenix would work for me.

Benjamin Bratt is to old to play Dom Santiago

I could see Paul Walker as Baird.

Kate Beckinsale would work as Maria (oop let me wipe the drool from my chin). :)

Scarlett Johansson is nice eye candy but sucks as and actress, no thanks.

And Sam Elliott would make a great Dizzy

reaferfore204516d ago

Scarlet Johanssen makes my penis sneeze...

bloop4516d ago

Paul Walker is too much of a [email protected] to play Baird

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