Multiplayer and Co-Op is the Equivalent to Reality TV

The video game industry is catching on to what the television industry started with reality TV. Give 'em a premise but make the public provide the entertainment. It's cheap and it's easy to produce. And it requires little creativity and no originality. Is this the direction we want the video game industry to head? Can you imagine 2009 without Batman: Arkham Asylum?

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Godmars2903594d ago

Its cheap filler for gameplay. makes up for poor AI.

JimmyJames703594d ago

Excellent point on the poor AI. That should have been included in the article.

bgrundman3594d ago

Poor AI will ruin any good game.

retrovertigo3594d ago

When a game relies on a multiplayer-only experience, that's when I say "goodbye". There has to be some single-player element to the game or I can't play it. I don't want to have to schedule online gaming sessions in order to play a game and enjoy the game.

Being a father who is also a gamer makes keeping schedules hard. Family takes priority over gaming.

JimmyJames703594d ago

Excellent point about having to schedule time to play with your friends. I guess you can always just hope someone is online at the same time you are, but it's almost like you sometimes have to plan ahead as to when you're gonna play a game. That's a big negative in my book.

Rowsdower3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

who enjoys mulitplayer and sees it as a fun a frequently deep experiance.

Next weeks title: singleplayer is old spice and multiplayer is axe

or some other stupid sh*t.

the more time I spend on N4G the more patience I lose and never get back.

xabmol3594d ago

"the more time I spend on N4G the more patience I lose and never get back."

I can agree with that. =]

But I've never had a "deep experiance" in any MP game.

wondroushippo3594d ago

I'm glad to see someone railing against these kinds of games - Left 4 Dead in particular needed a good reaming for not being as deep as it should be.

3593d ago
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