Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer Review

While the latest Fantastic Four game, which predictably takes the form of a four-way smash-'em-up, never quite scales the depths of teeth-grinding horror of the original Mysterio Moment (or indeed the wretched Spider-Man 3 - a game that seems to consist solely of Mysterio Moments) there are still several points where you find yourself wondering just how much playtesting it received.

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Diselage4736d ago

5 out of 10 huh? Higher than i expected. Wish they could've made it better there was so much potential with the Silver Surfer in the mix.

Bloodmask4736d ago

I don't know who buys games of this genre. I know it isn't me. Consumers should speak with their wallets. Don't buy these crappy movie license games and they will stop making them.

Havince4736d ago

not 2 touch it with a barge pole.

im not a big fan of the fantastic 4 anyway n i love marvel