20° : Its Not Me Its You, MAG Myths Debunked.

Bone-idle writes "A lot of the criticism of MAG I've been reading lately seems to be from people who have only just tasted what the game offers rather than giving it a proper run through.
The same old comments keep coming up over and over again and for the most part most of the comments are from gamers angry that the game is realistic !!. I'll aim to debunk some of the negative comments being laid against MAG."

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CaliGamer3593d ago

All very true points, decent points really.

solidworm3593d ago

obviouse is the fact that the COD franchise is for noobs,glitches,hackers,and selfish stat whores who,s idea of teamwork is hiding in a bush while a teammate trys to get out of the map.Mag is a breath of fresh air.

BoneIdle3593d ago

I went back to COD I couldn't understand why no one was working as a team. After 1 game of going around in circles and not achieving anything and having an 11 year old singing really badly into the mic i had to switch it off. Not that its a bad game i have just outgrown it. MAG is aimed more at the serious gamer than the mass market.

Sevir043593d ago

5. Gun choice is poor : Its true to start with you have only 3 guns to choose from but that encourages you to upgrade and unlock the new guns and add ons. You choose what upgrades to buy rather than just having them unlocked. Unlocking a medi kit early is the best way to start getting points. Adding sights and grips to your guns makes such a difference.

The best advice for playing MAG is to forget COD. You need to work as a team even getting the largest kill count of the game rarely rewards you with the most XP points. Healing your team mates, Fixing structures and just completing your missions are the best ways to get that valuable XP. Join a good team use your headpiece and give yourself time to figure out what is actually going on.

OGharryjoysticks3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

No Lag.

256 players.

I am so there :)

This is my GOTY for 2010 and 2011.


and making there retarded azz comments . Bots are funny

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