MotorStorm Dev: We're Bummed About a Bug

The Senior Producer for Motorstorm has posted on the official PlayStation blog to explain why PS3 owners are still waiting for the 1.2 patch.

"... right before we were planning to go live with the 1.2 updates with Time Attack mode, a new issue was found on the patch that could result in people not being able to establish a network connection. So, unfortunately, for now we need to continue to run tests and monitor the fix to ensure that it does not occur when the patch goes live.

I play Motorstorm religiously and *love* the new Time Attack mode, and I think you will too. Of course, it's in the best interest for everyone that we resolve this before we release the update. Bear with us, we'll have it out as quickly as we can and ensure the bug doesn't cause any problems for future updates."

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Diselage4735d ago

Thats surprising, you mean they're not happy? Kinda odd release any racing game with out a time attack mode though. Just doesn't make any sense.

IBLEEDBLU4735d ago

MS was pure rushed...what did u expect..and for a game that was rushed the final product was amazing - cant wait for MS2

BIadestarX4735d ago

Once they finish Motor storm (fix bugs) and add the modes it was suppost to have in first place... they will be ready to start the next motor storm. Hopefully they don't run MS 2 also.

Lex Luthor4735d ago

How many patches must they release for this game, the game is so broken. Hardly any gameplay modes, no online for japanese consumers(screwed).

Premonition4735d ago

The game is fun, online is not really broken besides the fact of the infinite boost glitch, and Japan didnt get online because I believe evolution found out Japan wasnt really interested in online in the first place.

waitbeyond4735d ago

How do you like the 'Free' online now? LOL!

SmokeyMcBear4735d ago

its awesome, cuz i don't pay anything. Also the updates don't brick my system.. remember kids, free is a good thing.

TheBigL053R4735d ago

So, your saying cheaper is better?

I'd rather take the cheap steak over that beautifully marbled steak too.

Cheaper IS better!