Qriocity, Sony's Newest Service Uses PSN ID to Sign into Other Sony Electronics

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

"A few weeks ago, a trademark filed by Sony was uncovered. Dubbed Qriocity, the title alone piqued our "curiosity". It seems as though Qriocity is Sony's first attempt at bringing PlayStation Network ID services to other Sony products including network enabled Bravia HDTVs, VAIO PCs, and Sony's upcoming line of Blu-Ray players."

"Another interesting point to note, the service will use the PlayStation Network ID system to sign in"

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PirateThom3602d ago

Is it "curiosity" or "cyro-city"?

PirateThom3602d ago

That doesn't even line up with the previously established "Qore", it's not "Cue-oar".

Sev3602d ago

It's supposed to be "curiosity" but the Q being in there really throws things off.

Not sure what Sony's obsessions with the letter Q is anyway.

Redempteur3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

nice news again ....
feel good to read some "news" from some credibles sites ...

keep it the good work .

Anyway ..that might be cool that they tried to merge their video store with their other products ...

so the Tvs will be able to connect to the internet by themselves ? I ask because i don't know how that work on these new TVs ( still have my old one )

sikbeta3602d ago

Qriocity = Curiosity

Is the [Q] Trend guys

Tomdc3602d ago

surely its pronounced Que-riosity

i think its a good name.

Andronix3602d ago

I don't see why Sony need to create another brand name for this service. They should stick to PlayStation Network. Then it becomes a bigger and more ubiquitous brand. Look at what Apple have done with iTunes, films, music, videos, books. PSN is good, they just need to spread the word.

PSNTomaz3602d ago

"Cur" is pronnouced "Qr" its so simple people....

ChozenWoan3601d ago

It's kind of hard to establish a brand if every device using the same service has a different name for it. Unless they plan on adding Qriocity to the xmb for the PS3 and PSP, otherwise this new icon is redundant and Qonfusing more than anything.

Sony just needs to K.I.S.S. and include the PSStore on the new devices instead of rebranding it. There are millions of people used to calling it the PSStore so why change now.

The commercials could go something like this:
PSStore on you PS3
PSStore on you PSP
and now
PSStore on you TV
PlayStation Network
More entertainment
In more places.

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SilverSlug3602d ago

do a pay per month streaming account and I will throw my money to Sony instead of Netflix.

MaximusPrime3602d ago

interesting video. thanks Sev. keep these awesome news coming.

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The story is too old to be commented.