2010: The Top Ten Most Impressive Graphics

NowGamer looks forward to the ten games most likely to scorch your vision with blistering looks...

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SasanovaS19873598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

without looking at this, im thinkin killzone 2, uncharted, god of war 3, gt5, heavy rain...well you get the idea...a PS3 Exclusive graphics sex fest

edit: and after i clicked the link, i stopped reading after halo reach.

on topic: i have never seen such an epic fail of a list before, but comeon, lets put fanboyism aside, how does an imbecile not mention god of war 3 in any type of top graphics list? seriously? just pathetic

Megaton3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

Ditto, stopped reading at "2. Halo Reach". Implies that the only game with graphics better than Halo Reach is GT5, which in turn implies that whoever wrote this has his head too far up his own ass to have seen enough game footage to make a proper list.

I wouldn't even say Reach is the best looking 360 game of 2010. From the footage shown, Alan Wake looks better than Reach.

guitarded773598d ago

Seriously... what's with no God of War 3?

Dutch Boogie3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

Umm where is GOW3?

And why did they use a Rage screenshot for Halo:Reach? EPIC FAIL. Credibility has already been lost.

To make matters worst they put Halo:Reach, Lost Planet, Mafia 2 and Just Cause 2 (seriously) over ps3 exclusives?

The list fails on so many levels. They are trying to mask the fact that superior graphics are on the ps3. They list a bunch of multiplats to fill the void and have only 3 exclusive from from the ps3 but list them under Halo:Reach. It doesn't even deserve the second spot.

Now if this was a sales article you could have it as number 1 for all i care lol.

ico923598d ago

we havn't really seen much of halo reach i would put alan wake or god of war 3 or SCC in there

marinelife93598d ago

Don't bother reading this article. They obviously didn't put a lot time or thought into it.

sikbeta3598d ago

I don't know about this article, sure it sucks, Halo:Reach? Is not even out yet Looser!!!

UC2 and KZ2 have the Most Impressive Graphics, don't talking about PC

Lifendz3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

because so many of you said it was a waste of time, but it says in the title that they're looking forward at what games will graphically impress us in 2010. So doesn't that mean they're making claims on games that aren't out? That's why, I think, they included games like Halo Reach on the list.

And while game review scores are subjective, graphic comparisons are really subjective. I'm one of the few people that was amazed that Killzone 2 didn't receive more awards for best graphics....even over Uncharted 2. Anyone remember the stage where you enter a sewer tunnel and you're on a beach, it's nighttime and the lightening cracks every so often? Amazing to this day.

The real question is if games can give us God of War 3, Mass Effect 2, Heavy Rain, GT5, etc, are any of us really wanting MS or Sony to release a new console anytime soon? I'm hoping for at least four more years.

3597d ago
vhero3597d ago

Halo Reach? From what we seen so far e.g. no actual gameplay? EPIC FAIL.

WildArmed3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

2 faults.
Heavy Rain should be up there with GT5.. seriously now.. that game looks too good.
And I can't believe he put other crappy games and forgot about GoW3, Alan Wake, Splinter Cell... =/

I'm not sure where Halo 3 belongs yet since I've seen no gameplay HD videos yet or tried the demo.

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MaximusPrime3598d ago

nice point:

“Gran Turismo is actually so pretty that it looks better than real-life.”

because it is.

Troll_Police3598d ago

I'm not looking at the list but it better be 10 PS3 exclusives or the list is full of fail.

vhero3597d ago

Not really Gears was impressive visually. I can't think of 10 PS3 games better I can think of a few more impressive but not a whole 10...

WildArmed3597d ago

Gears 2 did look nice. But it's easy to name equally impressive and better games on the graphics side.

But since this list IS 2010.. there isn't any point of argueing..
Unless they announce Gears 3, then BOOYA

Venatus-Deus3597d ago

I played Gears II again recently and although the game is great, I do think that many multiplatform games using the unreal engine or not are now better. I known the game is a couple of years old, but I still think BatmanAA takes the unreal engine to another level.

In regards to PS3 games then I would say from what I have played and seen, these 7 games below all have better GRAPHICS than GeoW2 – but then again so does Fonza3 (yes it’s a driving game and therefore it should, but it’s still better looking).

K2, U1, U2, MGS4, GOWIII, HR & GT5

I would also point out that you could say (it’s subjective) that these games could have better graphics than gears:

Wipeout & Flower

That’s 9, just short… I guess what I trying to say is that I don't think Gears can no longer be looked at as a graphics king. Theres way better on the 360 and ps3

Fishy Fingers3598d ago

Slightly random layout, Rage picture under the Halo Reach summary and Just Cause 2 under Rage.

MajestieBeast3598d ago

Wow no god of war 3 on the list thats just crazy especially after those scans posted today. Rage is being published by bethesda not ea. I dont agree with alot of the list but hey its their opinion.