Aliens vs. Predator 'completely unique', says creator

Developer Rebellion reveals details of new FPS title to CVG

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SasanovaS19873592d ago

oh stfu, this will be another media overhyped game that turns average on release

mrbillybadass3592d ago

its actually prolly the most under-rated game this generation...if u'd like to be enlightend on why this is i'd be happy to tell u

spektical3592d ago

this game isnt even hyped, thus far this year the most overhyped game has been bayonetta and it didnt deliver to how critics said it would. epic fail.

anyways im hoping this aliens game will be great, the last good aliens game was on the PSone...

mrbillybadass3592d ago

umm...avp 2 came out in 2001...sure it wasnt as good as the original but it was still a damn good game

beans3592d ago

I agree with your comment for the most part but don't think Bayonetta was the most over-hyped game.

Rockox3592d ago

I really want this game to do well. The better it does, the better the chances are that we'll get more Aliens games in the future. Day 1 purchase for me.

spektical3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )


no , its not the most overhyped game, that goes to halo 3. Obviously with the huge promotions and everything. lol. Im talking about , up to now in this year, bayonetta has been the most overhyped game, and it didnt deliver.

ThanatosDMC3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

^You've obviously have never played AVP2 in multiplayer. Imagine the best multiplayer game you played.... yeah, it sucks compared to AVP2.

I loved being Aliens (as Pretorian or Runner) and Marines/Corporate as a f***ing sniper. Predators were hard to use for me since to be effecient they usually had to those jump maneuvers against aliens but those Heavy Preds users (no projectile weapons) are awesome with the lancers.

I hope they still have that net gun for the preds. It's practically useless against an Alien since it'll only give you a second's pause before it tears you a new one but you can see the desperation in a marine when he's captured since he has to switch to the knife to cut through which give the pred all the time in the world to think of which way to kill him or use him as bait for an Alien.

zagibu3591d ago

You know what sucked in AVP2 MP? When you had lifecycle on, were already a Praetorian, and did the final kill to become queen in a small room.

AVP2 was an awesome MP game. One of the best MP experiences I've ever had.

ThanatosDMC3591d ago

Funniest time i was a Queen was when i didnt know the behemoth can crouch so she could fin inside those hallways. She can practically kill anything in one hit and her tail is extremely long ranged. Those mechs are like butter to her.

Smartgun in AVP3 better be optional. Damn thing is over powered.

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mrbillybadass3592d ago

3 different teams in deathmatch only one of which is traditional fps

the other only short ranged attacks and can climb on walls and can focus leap to anywhere within range

and predator who has same focus leap except that he can only jump onto objects, and has some of the most badass weapons in media history

not to mention an INTRICATE combat system...quit talking out of ur ass

hakis863592d ago

I'm actually gonna pre-order it right now :D

caffman3592d ago


GameOn3592d ago

N4G seems to be full of gamers who don like games? It's almost like people want this game to fail even though it has got a great history. Shame on them.

MysticStrummer3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

Completely unique? Doubtful. Slightly unique? Ok. I would be far more interested in a squad based Aliens only game. Aliens:Colonial Marines was looking good, but I haven't heard a thing about it in quite awhile.

Rockox3592d ago

Last I heard, Gearbox (the guys behind Colonial Marines) plans to watch "very closely" at how well this does. Hopefully AVP does well, and Gearbox sees that the franchinse still has legs, and makes Colonial Marines their top priority.

ThanatosDMC3592d ago

You're kidding right? Colonial Marines look like utter crap graphically to AVP3. Check out the early released pictures and even compare it to AVP2. It looks ugly. Also, i have the feeling Colonial Marines wanted to be more like L4D1 when it was announced. It wouldnt work if it's based on the Aliens universe.

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