9.0 : Darksiders Review

Bone-idle writes "Darksiders: Out on the 8th of January its one of the early blockbusters of the New Year. The game centres around 1 of the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse WAR (a serious bad ass by the way!). As the story goes the forces of heaven and hell have been battling for eons. With the emergence of a new kingdom, the kingdom of man a truce is called between the warring factions. 7 seals are hidden and only when these seals are broken the apocalypse will ensue and the 4 horse men will ride in the punish the wicked.

The forces of evil have conspired to bring this to pass early and as the battle breaks out on earth, between heaven and hell the kingdom of man is quickly overwhelmed. As WAR arrives to restore order he notices his other 3 brothers are missing, something is up. He isn't the only one to think so…"

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BoneIdle3592d ago

Im really enjoying this game. Similar to other games but still Different enough to keep you interested.