Sega set to unveil Project Needlemouse character

The Lost Gamer writes "It has been months since Sega teased their upcoming title, codenamed "Project Needlemouse," and they've been harrassed by people trying to guess who the figure in the silhouette is… so, they are now set to unveil new details regarding who the ominous character is."

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young juice3594d ago

OH GOD!!! not another sonic game, may god have mercy on my soul.

PlainOldGamer3593d ago

I really just hope this is a 2-D Hi-def Sonic game! That would be awesome but lately Sonic & Awesome just haven't been working :(

MasFlowKiller3593d ago

I loved sonic.
I like Sonic Adventures over Mario 64 myself. One think i dislike about what has happen to every new sonic game is having to play with multiple charters to complete the game, give me sonic, maybe Tails and Knuckles in one or two levels but make it a Sonic game. ohh and please dont take the story to serous.


Am still waiting for Sonic Adventures to come to PSN and Live.

iforgotmylogin3594d ago

i been waitin for info on this title. its funny that i look at new sonics not as games but like will sega finally get it right this time.

lol i have low expectations for needlemouse.

DelbertGrady3593d ago

Even though I've been disappointed in the latest Sonic games I have pretty high expectations on this game.

Theonik3593d ago

It's funny that no matter how many awful Sonic games Sega makes we still have high expectations for the next one. I am also guilty of this as i have high expectations from this game. Hopefully it will be good. Let's also hope that character is not another of those lame characters they have been adding to sonic, seriously it isn't so hard, Just give us old sonic with just tails and some of the older characters in a 2d current gen game and i'll be happy.

n4f3593d ago

dindt sega said that warehog will appear again?

Theonik3592d ago

Well i sure hope he doesn't. That would be terrible.

ScubaSteve13593d ago

well with the logo its clearly Sonic but is it a remake of sonic 1,2,3 or could it be sonic 4

MK_Red3593d ago

Imagine a true Sonic 4 similair to Street Fighter 4. 2D, HD and awesome.

PlainOldGamer3593d ago

Good God A Sonic 4 :O
If i could have that i wouldn't need to expect anything else from SEGA.

Kisama3593d ago

Oh, god. I do hope that they are just joking about all of those characters potentially being in the game. Sega, I am already dissapointed that you are even considering those characters. SONIC, TAILS, ROBOTNIK ONLY. No Shadow, no retarded time traveling hedgehog.

IronFistChinMi3593d ago

I wish I never clicked on this article now. Hopefully they'll place "REJECT" on all of them, bar Sonic.

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The story is too old to be commented.