Next Generation Eye Toy?

SCE has submitted a pattern (number 2006-178948) for a new motion capture technology believed to make up a next generation Eye Toy controller.

Basically, a camera will recognize every move and position of an object and will translate these actions accordingly to an object inside a game. Via this new technology, the 2D camera is analyzing an object in full 3D through a patented mapping technique.

Until now, more than one camera was needed to capture an object's movement in 3D. This patent could turn out to be should be the next generation of Eye Toy, expected to debut on PS3 some time next year.

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kingofps36284d ago

This is a good example of sony's innovations in making games more living than waving a useless controller.

achira6284d ago

the eye toy two will be awesome !



another copy of microsoft.

god damn, they could just make money from suing sony for copying them!


but yes, this is cool tech!

Karibu6284d ago

no, it's not copied from MS. put your head back in your "360".


um, yes, its exactly the same as the software announced for the Live! vision camera a month ago.


Hey land sony didnt copy microsoft, if i recall there is already an eye toy out for the ps2, hmmmmmmmmmm you remember that, microsoft is the one copeing, but your so stuck up about microsoft youll defend it till you die for some reason

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bizzy126284d ago

ok the same thing as the 360 camera do but with face maping technology and gesture still stealing technology to stay a float

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