IGN: BioShock 2 Preview: A Rapturous Adventure

Pauper's Drop takes place immediately after Ryan Amusements, which is the first real test for players as they venture back into the world of Rapture. Pauper's Drop is home to Rapture's poor district and is filled with terribly underdeveloped structures, haphazardly constructed with feeble wooden bridges stringing buildings together. It's home to diners and pawn shops that have all been overrun by less than hospitable company.

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dgroundwater3601d ago

Just looks at that shotty! Massive damage indeed.

"It retains the ever-present tension and suspense that the first BioShock so effortlessly fed to the player, but the scenery, combat and even most of the enemy personas are very reminiscent of the original."

Hmm. I think we can all expect more of the great stuff the first gave us. Just don't expect much more than an "evolution" of what we already know.