Final Fantasy XIII Review by PS3Gen

PS3Gen is a french website. Today, there is the test of Final Fantasy XIII. Good game or disappointment ?

"As a whole, and to conclude this test, the game itself is fun (forgetting that this is a Final Fantasy). But we warn you, this new album may not appeal to everyone for its linearity. In addition, the game will tell you what to do constantly. Is this the vision of Square-Enix's RPG today? An RPG where the player is assisted throughout the game? The advantage is that a new player, who discovered the serie, will engage with ease in this new adventure. What is certain is that Final Fantasy XIII is going to disappoint more than one but we hope that Final Fantasy Versus XIII restored the fortunes of the series."

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Seems like a far cry from that Hong Kong review, huh?

Bodyboarder_VGamer3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

Did you even tried to read the content in this article? The guy is basically stating that this game is probably the worst FF game... This is not a far cry from the Hong Kong Review because they have exactly the same complains.

============================= ===============
"Too many things that we really take to heart are gone: the famous victory fanfare, no further discussion with other characters as cities and other map of the world have decamped. Farewell riddles, to revisit the stages of exploration, sayonara gains money and Levels ... 50 hours of play, running straight..."

"But we warn you, this new album may not appeal to everyone for its linearity. In addition, the game will tell you what to do constantly. Is this the vision of Square-Enix RPG of today? An RPG where the player is assisted throughout The Game? The advantage is that a new player, who discovered the series, will calls with ease in this new adventure. What is certain is that Final Fantasy XIII is going to disappoint more than one."
============================= ===============

This 80/100 is just because of the graphics and because it is FF.

Yarite3598d ago

LOL. RPGFan which is a credible amazing RPG site run by top people did a great review for this game yesterday which is ignored.

This is what they rated it:

Graphics: 99%
Sound: 99%
Gameplay: 80%
Control: 85%
Story: 90%

Some random site from France reviews it and people fall for it in an instant.

Oh well I absolutely loved my import copy so you guys can keep on bickering all the way up to the games release and then for several years afterwards =)

KiRBY30003598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

RPGFan gives it an overall 85/100.
PS3Gen gives it an overall 80/100.

and thats makes you go LOL? it takes 5 points out of 100 to move from "credible amazing RPG site" to "some random french site"? really?

wow man, just wow.

EDIT: btw, checking the other FF reviews on that RPGFan site and guess what? they have FF XIII as the worst rated in the series (for the exception of FF X-2 which is a sequel).

Redempteur3598d ago

i love it Bodyboarder_VGamer , when you remove the part when he praise the game to quote only the parts that prove your point .

Eamon3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

This is why S-E should have stuck by its original formular of:

MENU & COMMAND turn-based combat.

Mistwalker did this and made Lost Odyssey where the gameplay was very fun and reminiscent of old Final Fantasy games.

Seriously, who here reading my comment right now wants Final Fantasy to go back to its roots. It's legendary storytelling and awesome gameplay?

Although, I have yet to play the game, so all what I have said could be rubbish...

Panthers3598d ago

hmmm so it is too easy with no exploration. Wow thatsucks.

stb3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

I found this while surfing the next site.


dunno what to say!!!!but i liked the game quite nice, where the part at end being an open map is what have me in bed with it, the review is quite right, the score no though, i would stick with a 9 for the long aand good reply value that it has to offer, very enjoyable good story, ove-all this game is worthy of being played forward, even more if you are a fan.

Fair-Play3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

I can't believe people are trying to say this review has any credit or should be valued at all...

First of all its a PS3 fanboy website the review is tiny doesn't even look like he's played the game. There's not even 1 screen shot of the game I could of written this review by reading 10 mins of info about the game.

And what really kills it for me is...

"What is certain is that Final Fantasy XIII is going to disappoint more than one but we hope that Final Fantasy Versus XIII restored the fortunes of the series."

Clearly a fanboy with a chip on his shoulder because it wasn't exclusive. Although its completely moronic to expect it to be a exclusive to begin with.

Out of the main final fantasy series of games not all the side games there's only been 3 games exclusive to the playstation platform...

FF Wasn't a ps exclusive
FF2 wasn't
FF3 wasn't
FF4 wasn't
FF5 wasn't
FF6 wasn't
FF7 wasn't It was on a Microsoft platform AKA PC
FF8 wasn't It was on the PC to
FF9 True Playstation exclusive
FF10 True Playstation exclusive
FF11 On Playstation And Microsoft platforms
FF12 True Playstation exclusive
FF13 On Playstation and Microsoft platforms

Yet for some reason PS3 fanboys feel butt raped that FF13 wasn't an exclusive like they have some right to the series. Its pathetic to be honest and sites like this should just stop with there fanboy agenda for 10 minutes and think about the tripe there typing.

@ Below, its clear this websites reviewer hasn't even played the game. Not that I expect you to listen your just like the writer on this article a fanboy with your own agenda.. Your whole prototype rubbish proves that. Who cares about Prototype am sure I seen that in some bargain bin somewhere I wouldn't play it given to me gift rapped.

gaffyh3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

As long as it's better than FFX-2, then it should be fine, because FFX-2 is the worst FF I've ever played, and it was still OK.

@above - Really? You really think that every website would give the game a low score because it isn't exclusive? I don't know what world you live in dude, but in my world, people play games and decide whether or not they like them.

That's like one of those people that says Prototype is better than inFAMOUS, simply because it is available on 360. Simple fact of the matter is, those who have played both games know that inFAMOUS is the better game.

@Eamon - I agree with you.

silkrevolver3598d ago

You're just bashing this game every chance you get.... hell, you said the exact same opening words you did in the last article you bashed XIII in. STFU, wait until the game comes out here to decide and stop being a whiny prick.

gaffyh3598d ago

@1.8 - Well I'm not attacking FFXIII or you, I'm just saying that this guy is entitled to his opinion. Some people won't like the game, of course they may hope for Versus to be better, because maybe they prefer Nomura's games.

I'll give the game a chance myself, I haven't played an FF game that was completely bad, so even if FF13 isn't as good as a certain FF doesn't bother me. The score is still very respectable, if it was 4/10 like that Hong Kong one, then I'd probably agree with you.

Saaking3598d ago

I nearly done with LO and I can say it's a fantastic game. One of the best 360 games this generation. Anyways, I don't know about FFXIII. I know it got seriously gimped by both the 360 and SE's own decline in quality since the merger (FFX was the last great FF imo). I'll still buy it, but now I know not to expect what they hyped it up to be.

CARRIERHASARRIVED3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

They gave it like a 40 or something didn't they?! You guys do realize that 40 is half of 80?

What a confusing review. They should have knocked it down way further by the way they reviewed it. How does that work?

Edit: Kinda wanted to aim that reply to BodyboarDUR.

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MaximusPrime3598d ago

no thanks. not interested in FF13 anymore

(thanks to MS)

BadboyCivic3598d ago

MS did not make FF13
i will still buy or rent the game.

Bumpmapping3598d ago

Been saying samething ever since they announced it on the Flopbox360.Versus is going to own this gimped POS.

chidori6663598d ago

confirmed this game is one of wort ff in the series ( huge let down in sales too)

btw the las hope is in ff versus of ps3... ;)

Two-Face3598d ago

''gimped POS''

How is it gimped, when the 360 version has multiple discs?

Trebius3598d ago

I feel compelled to buy this one as well...

I know i'll definitely enjoy it because i'm going in with VERY low expectations.

So there's infinite room for gratification.

ThatCanadianGuy3598d ago

The 360 version has like, what was it again? 15 gigs of game data missing?

As lame as FF13 is, 360 will have the worst possible version.

blitz06233598d ago

LOL Two-Face. "When the 360 version has multiple discs"

You just answered your own question. By having multiple discs, the video and audio are both compressed. That's why it's gimped.

As for the game. Well, this will probably be the first big FF to score an average of below 90 on Meta. It will average around 83-87 but that's only because of the hype.

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Unicron3598d ago

My interest is waning... How disappointing.

But it'll probably clean up in review scores because its FF.

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