Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Beta Changes So Far Detailed in New List

DICE took the time to compile a list of all the changes that have been made to Battlefield Bad Company 2 since the PS3 beta went live several weeks back. It's a big list.

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Noctis Aftermath3601d ago

Nice to see the ps3 beta info being put to good use.

snipermk03601d ago

Indeed. Nice to see DICE are actually working to improve their game rather than a certain other dev that put out a glitchy BETA for a full retail price. *cough* IW *cough*

Bodster3601d ago

IW lied to us aswell, they said they werent having a beta ;)

Maddens Raiders3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

so many, many good tweaks in fixes in that list. This game is in my top 5 for 2009 and I.Cannot.Wait....!

Heavy Rain

Redempteur3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

wow much changes !!!

i see that feedback was put into good use to improve the online part

TotalPS3Fanboy3600d ago

I will not have to deal with laggy servers like MW2 anymore.
And I will not have to deal with stupid auto-aim that make me overcompesate my shots.

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ThorIsGod3601d ago

Lol they have been busy little swedish beavers havent they. Any more word on the pc beta, is it going to be open or what?

Pandamobile3601d ago

It's going to be the same as the PS3 beta. Lots of key give-aways from FilePlanet and GameSpot and sites like that, as well as pre-order keys.

TheBand1t3601d ago

PC beta has a different map if memory serves.

M0t0rBreath3601d ago

When I first saw this, I never thought it would see that many Changes/Fixes. The good thing is that pretty much all of them are great fixes that will help game play.

Max Power3601d ago

they did an incredible job in fixing all the problems I had with the beta, plus many things they added that are great. I can't wait for this game to be released, I have to clear my backlog soon so I can enjoy it properly.

cyberwaffles3601d ago

so glad to hear they improved the gun models and scope details. they already looked solid in the beta, but sometimes the scopes felt detached from the gun.


"Bolt action sniper rifles will chamber the next round if the trigger is pressed twice while zooming."

i like that a lot as well.

and this is the biggest wtf

"The Ammo Box, Medkit, Defibrillator, Repair Tool, and Motion Sensor are now unlocks for each class."

what is left for the classes now?

docsavage3601d ago

I think that maybe means they are unlocks for each of the respective classes. I don't think it means every class gets them (i.e., snipers get paddles). Although, a sniper with a defrib as a weapon would be fun instead of being the sniper and getting zapped!

cyberwaffles3601d ago

oh i see what you're saying. that makes a lot more sense.

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The story is too old to be commented.