God of War 3 visuals will blow Uncharted 2 out of the water

GB writes: "It's been over four years since this generation of gaming has begun. Xbox 360 started this race in 2005, a year ahead of PlayStation 3 and Wii. But after so many months, it's safe that the best looking games all belong to the PlayStation 3 so far. One of the most recent exclusives Uncharted 2 set new standards in video game visuals and is easily one of the best looking if not the best looking game out there."

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remanutd553593d ago

i thought they were gonna put the new God of War 3 screenshots , MAN its going to be an EPIC ride , In The End There Will Be Only Chaos

deadreckoning6663593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

LOL, it looks like HHG was right...again.

"what's got HHG got to do with it ...
my neighbour could predict that GoW3 would look awesome ..."

Did your neighbor get early access to the final build of the game and CONFIRM that it exceeds Uncharted 2 graphically? Nope. People need ta start realizing that HHG gets news that NO OTHER journalist gets. The fact that he does this and his site isn't as big as IGN or GS is quite impressive if u ask me. I suggest going to the for ORIGINAL gaming news.

And hey, even if GOW3 doesn't exceed UC2 in graphics, it will still be a more epic experience overall IMO. I'd rather rip enemies faces off in GOW3 than simply just shooting em in UC2.

Zedux3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

if that's true it will look like real life Uncharted 2 already has unrivaled gfx!

p.s. yes GoW3 looks even better who could imagine Sony would pull yet another one! Kratos and Natan Drake amazingly has very similar faces just check their nooses and face!!!

Baka-akaB3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

what's got HHG got to do with it ...
my neighbour could predict that GoW3 would look awesome ...

Duh the serie always does

ico923593d ago

wow yet another ps3 exclusive is challenging the current graphics king which is also a ps3 exclusive lol

Christopher3593d ago

Let's see...

Kratos has 20k polygons.

Drake, Elena, Chloe, and other characters have 80k polygons.

And, yeah, good job on them using CGI/Concept work as a comparison to Uncharted 2 gameplay.

-Alpha3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

thank you, I agree. This is typical hype. Uncharted 2 looked fantastic and I have no doubt GoW will either but saying GoW is going to blow UC2 is a pure over-exaggeration.

I will wait for GoW to come out. UC2's animations and graphical diversity is untouched on consoles, and unless God of War 3 has diversity like that I doubt GoW will "BLOW" UC2 out.

I don't mind this getting approved but the title is so ridiculous and full of the author's biased and subjective opinion.


technically, no. PC specs are much more capable than anything on the PS3 or any other console to my knowledge-- and Crysis is still one of the best, if not THE Best photorealistic games to date.

In terms of something like animation which is also important for graphics, many games have already surpassed Crysis, but speaking on a technical level, no.

beans3593d ago

Well with so many stories on improved graphics I guess it's safe to say GOW3 will look better than Crysis?

Max Power3593d ago

that you just can't compare the two characters in two different shots, I mean look at the background for each of those games. The amount of overall detail that is in each of the Uncharted 2 shots is staggering. I am not saying GoW III doesn't/won't look amazing because it will, but these comparisons are just silly.

Darkstorn3593d ago

So I'm the only one who thinks that Killzone 2 has better graphics than Uncharted 2?
@1.2 - Unrivaled on console. Let's not get PC games into the mix.

deadreckoning6663593d ago

"wow yet another ps3 exclusive is challenging the current graphics king which is also a ps3 exclusive lol"

You are aware of the existence of the PC right?

Christopher3593d ago

Killzone 2 had better spectacular lighting (aka sprites) and textures, but overall, Killzone 2 just can't compete with the combination of physics, particle effects, and global lighting of Uncharted 2. Nepal is a living city with detail up the wazoo that reacts to interaction dynamically and that level of environment and graphical technology just hasn't been seen in other games. Not because it isn't possible, but because it takes a lot of time, effort, and talent to do it well as opposed to the usual slightly better textures and focus on sprites.

Aquarius3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago ) how long has UC2 held its crown?
5 months?
I guess you can't call it Unrivaled anymore ;)

We haven't even seen the following games:


anyone remember the scene from GOW 2 where you reach medusa's temple and she just screams in your face ( they done it really well )...I can't wait to see how the trilogy ends ;)

Darkeyes3593d ago

@cgoodno... Polygons matter, but in most cases it's the way they are used that defines overall graphics quality. Ghostbuster character uses more polygons than Nathan Drake (which actually is 30K not 80K) yet Drake looks far more detailed than any GB character... Same logic is with Heavy Rain Characters. They use less poly count yet look even better than few Crysis models. All depends on how you use the polygons and not the numbers.

And the comparison isn't CGI, it's all GOW3 in game.. You will know it if you see the demo

As far as GOW3 passing UC2, I think it's gonna happen. The demo itself which is a year old looked great and judging from the claims from various sources about graphical upgrade, we can safely say it will surpass it in the final build. Either ways, GOW3 is turning out to be Epic as expected... After those Poseidon shots, I am hyped up... Already 3 Bosses confirmed... Hades, Zeus, Poseidon and many more to come. Can't wait.

vhero3593d ago

how many games are gonna claim this??

Baka-akaB3593d ago


But then again you're the one bringing HHG into this , and why again ?
Anyone with access to advanced or final game can see it . Anyone who saw E3 , or played he demo saw it was closing in on UC2 level .

So once again , Gow looking awesome and that awesome is something only haters wouldnt see coming , or refused to .

My issue isnt with HHG now having the foot in and ties with the industry .
I only have two actually , his idiotic titles .... but that's something one can live with ..

And the way himself or some people gives him credit he isnt due . Like the man coming here not so long ago , and claiming he predicted and announced Super street fighter 4... wich is completely false ... seeing how , as usual , anyone could see that happens , and when multiple other sources , mostly street fighter and fighting games dedicated sites , announced it eons ago with even a very detailled list of features (that he didnt produce) so far 90% true and confirmed .

Just like others claimed he announced the ps3 slim and psp go , when it was the leak and work of some sites and guys like Sev512 and Pslifestyle

DaTruth3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

How come whenever graphics come up, it is always; "Bu, bu, but, teh PC Crysis!"

Then whenever exclusives come up, it is always; "Bu, bu, but, iz teh console exclusive!"

jammy_703593d ago

but OUT THE WATER!!!!!!.......... NO!

Christopher3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

1. Characters in Uncharted 2 are 80k polygons. You will find that information easily with a Google search. Furthermore, Kratos is 20k, but the majority of the mobs are half of that and their detail is primarily from flat images and not 3d polygons. Furthermore, the reason why GoW3 can look better with less polygons is because of the forced perspective, meaning that when you go to fight in an area, you'll be doing so from the same camera angle the whole time, meaning they can ensure that whatever is facing the person is as clean as possible using flat images that overlay the 3d models.

2. Yeah, and Uncharted 2 used the heck out of those polygons, so much so they have the facial expressions, dynamic body language, and furthermore the environmental effects (water, snow, wind, etc.) that the polygons work to react against. Nothing in GoW3 has the physics and environment detail that Uncharted 2 has. Nothing.

3. Some of those are not in-game. Specifically the first and third images aren't. Furthermore, what they do show doesn't at all show any technological improvement and attempts to take a single screenshot from Uncharted 2 where there was a clipping issue with an opponent's hand and somehow say that Gow3 is better because of Kratos' very strange and suddenly extremely long fingers?

4. I've played the demo. It looks good, but not close to the best looking games on a console. Red Dead Redemption and Heavy Rain are two upcoming games that continue the graphical progress, though there are things that Uncharted 2 does that neither of these are touching, though it should be noted that Red Dead Redemption is looking fabulous on both the PS3 and the Xbox 360, which is a feat unto itself and will definitely set the bar for multiplatform games going forward. I personally want to thank Take 2 for doing this, because I'm just getting tired of people saying it's hard to make games that can compete graphically with exclusives if you're a multiplatform game.

5. We're talking technical here, not artistically. Artistic is just an opinion. Some people prefer TF2 over Uncharted 2 graphics, but that doesn't mean it's technically better (because it isn't).

Darkeyes3593d ago

@cgood... I think most of our questions will be answered on the 18th of Jan so it's useless to bicker now. Not only HHG, but quiet a few people who have claimed to have seen the new GOW footage say that it surpasses UC2, that is why I am holding my breath and hoping it turns out that way.

As far as polys are concerned, I read in a few articles that UC2 uses 30K, dunno if they increased it in the final built or something, still it hardly matters as a lot depends on what you are designing.. For example designing Kratoses skin is easier as it uses similar shades and the same is difficult as Drake is fully covered, so texture modeling of the clothes requires a lot of extra polys (talking aout the entire body not only the face)...

As far as HR is concerned, I have said it before, it currently looks like the best looking console game... Dunno much about RDR as I saw a few vids, to be frank the graphics didn't look a lot better than GTA4. I would be happy if it reached AC2 level.

And I disagree with "Nothing in GoW3 has the physics and environment detail that Uncharted 2 has. Nothing."... I have a gut feeling that the moving Titan levels will put UC2's train and tank level to shame.. Nothing concrete to prove from me, but just my gut saying... And I won't be shocked if my gut is right lol. 18th Jan G-Day.

Christopher3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

You see, that's the funny part, you're listening to people who pretty much make their money on hyping games in order to increase hits to their sites...

I'm basing this on what I know and what's been technically provided, not based on what random person in the wild says.

Also, Titan moving levels... ARE ALL PRESCRIPTED SCENES! They're not dynamic, they're programmed like the boss actions of the Hydra from the first game.

@DaTruth: Here's the thing, if there were, they would have shown us by now. It's called intelligent marketing. We know what to expect with GoW3 and it looks good, but there's no way people can honestly say it matches Uncharted 2, let alone blows it out of the water.

HONESTLY PEOPLE, you're just being completely ignorant and much what you call those who claim Gears of War 2 is better looking than Uncharted 2. You really need to take the blinders off and realize what you're saying from a technical standpoint.

DaTruth3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

"Nothing in GoW3 has the physics and environment detail that Uncharted 2 has. Nothing. "

Wow, you played the entire game of GOW3! Lucky you! I only played an incredible demo that is 2/3 through the dev cycle.

Back to FFVII

sikbeta3593d ago

"Well with so many stories on improved graphics I guess it's safe to say GOW3 will look better than Crysis?"

What in the Name of the GOD OF WAR has to do Crysis with GOD OF WAR 3?


Anyways, I hope so, but no matter how The game blow UC2 or not, IS GOING TO BE EPIC

darthv723593d ago

won't stop me from getting this game day 1!

Perkel3593d ago

@ Alpha-Male22

nope Crysis still looks like a game.

And the most photorealistic game to date s GT5P much less on screen but it is photorealistic.

shazui1233593d ago

Look. This needs to be put to bed once and for all. There is no game on the PC apart from crysis that looks overall better than UC2. Not one. People have before even (ridiculously) claimed that AC2 on max settings is better. If anyone really thinks that then provide me with proof, because I've maxed the game on my p.c and played UC2 and I and many others (much more than the minority of deluded PC gamers here) find UC2 to be more visually pleasing. So please, provide evidence if you can.

Greywulf3593d ago Show
PC_Enthusiast 3593d ago

uncharted 2 runs at 720p 30 fps Gow 3 runs at 1080p 40-60 fps!!!!

SaberEdge3593d ago

I'm getting sick of Everything that comes from them just seems so fanboyish.

I've played the God of War 3 demo and I've seen the scans and unless the final game looks a lot better, there is no way in the world that GOW3 will look better than Uncharted 2.

peowpeow3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

"But man, That flashlight in Alan Wake... epic"

Haha, should put /s tag on that comment.

Edit: Will GOW3 be 1080p/60 (or even 30) fps?

gameraxis3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

"Nothing in GoW3 has the physics and environment detail that Uncharted 2 has. Nothing."


"I'm basing this on what I know and what's been technically provided, not based on what random person in the wild says."

my point is you haven't seen ANYTHING when it comes to God of War 3... what? a year old demo? furthermore U2 the finished product is what your basing these false conclusions on...

I'm not gonna sit here and argue over two ps3 exclusives, but i merely suggest that you wait until the finished product is released, because there is a good chance your going to be eating your words. Your thinking that a Greek temple with all similar colors and what not is going to be the entirety of the game... I just don't get how you can say NOTHING IN GOW... you played the whole game? Also i would think hhg and especially ngai, wouldn't say something that they know to be false because that will do more harm than good..

so just be a little more trusting of the press, or don't, but don't claim you know what GOW3 the FULL game will be or what it will intail, because nobody including myself, has a damn clue


one more thing, saying the titan moving levels are pre-scripted... where do you get this idea that you know this bull as fact?... it may be, or it may not be, but i specifically remember stig talking with g4 during the big GOW reveal, saying that the titan has its own AI and the level your on will be determined by it... so go to g4 and watch all those interviews with the actual creators, and stop infecting this forum with your pessimism and falicies

PrimordialSoupBase3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

@deadreckoning666 Hello HipHopGamer who's trying to sound legitimate by creating ghost accounts.

Either that or you are a real, mentally retarded person.

SilentNegotiator3593d ago

...most will agree that GOW3's graphics are equal to or better in graphical caliber.

Christopher3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

But I've looked at people who have somehow cited Halo 3 or Gears of War 1 & 2 as the best in graphics and always thought, hey, it's just console fanboys trying to make themselves feel better.

Now? Now I think it's just Halo 3 and Gears of War fanboys who want their game of choice to be as perfect as possible. Gamers who see their game through the rosiest of tinted glasses, no matter the faults that there may be.

And seeing how people have responded to my comments on what is known and all the disagrees I've gotten... there is definitely such a fanbase with God of War 3.

I mean, really, it's not like the game won't be fun, won't look good, and won't appease the fans. But, people have to somehow compare it to the best that is out there in every respect. Better gameplay than Bayonetta, Darksiders, and Dante's Inferno even though we've only played a demo. Better graphics than the game that won awards in 2009 for the best graphics on a console game, even though there's been no proof as such, only the rabid rantings of the game journalists who always hype things to no end.

I'm thinking that in March, no matter what someone will provide as proof as to the technical comparison of God of War 3 versus Uncharted 2, it won't change anyone's mind here as to otherwise. But, I will definitely accept it if I'm proven wrong, I just know I won't. Until God of War shows me its own vibrant and living city of Napal that lives in a camera free roaming 3D environ, I'm going to keep that mindset.

3593d ago
Fair-Play3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

Actually the current graphic king is a Microsoft exclusive called Crysis that blows uncharted 2 out of the water. Sorry but no matter which way you spin it Uncharted 2 is only the best looking console game.

There are plenty of games on the PC if you have a decent rig that make uncharted 2 and any other console game look last gen which is what they are.

I have The Last Remnant on the PC and graphically that destroys uncharted 2. And that's a texture popping mediocre 360 port.

I have it running at 1920x1200 Bigger then 1080p, X8AA X16AF, Massive view distances all textures on max. None of which Uncharted is capable of doing due to hardware limitations.

When I hear people calling Uncharted 2 the graphics king I nearly fall out of my chair laughing thinking to myself. I think Last Remnant here a game widely reviewed badly on the 360 for its graphic issues making Uncharted 2 look last gen on my PC.

PS: I played the GodOfWar 3 demo and I don't know if that was an old build or not but that was only graphically a good looking game at best. They have alot of work to do if its to live up to its hype.

Greywulf3593d ago Show
morganfell3593d ago

Crysis a microsoft exclusive? No. You fail at trolling.

3593d ago
8thnightvolley3593d ago

i thnk GOW3 will be awesome.. but to beat uncharted2 in visuals... i dout that... it will be epic more than uncharted2 yes.. but visual aspects.. NO.

WildArmed3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

you know what else blows out water?
a water pump..
a pump =/

imo there are only 2 reason contenders for graphics of the year '10.

Heavy R.
Gran T. 5

3593d ago
ThanatosDMC3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

I have my doubts. This is not a game meant for graphical awesomeness especially if the view is far away unlike U2 in which everything is closer. Why are people hyping this game so much???

Digitaldude3593d ago

Lol every ps3 exclusive gets this treatment.
Blow out of water, no way. Better? possibly, match? probable.

LastDance3593d ago

you cant compare a game with set camera positions to a free roaming camera. That's like comparing FF 8 with MGS. Can't do it

Uncharted will still be better technologically even if GOW3 looks better at first glance.

Naucious3592d ago

What a lot of people seem to be forgetting is that Naughty Dog has the upper hand its not like this was their first game they made on the PS3. So if they really wanna do a comparison they should really compare GOW3 to UC:DF, all Naugthy Dog had to do was retouch and build on something they have already set as a stepping stone in order to exceed in which they did greatly. For Santa Monica's first try wit GOW3 it's pretty obvious the detail is great and this is based on a demo 6 months ago before we even had our hands on it.!

I'm sure GOW3 has evolved greatly, and do people honestly forget how massive the GOW franchise has always been?, were talking about playable levels with moving Titan's and God's for christ Sake here!! GOW series has always been epic and i bet money this one is nothing short changed from the originals.

I wont say GOW3 is better than UC:2 because UC:2 had already had a head start. Even though GOW3 took almost 5 years in the making... I doubt that the developers were just twiddling their thumbs, their squeezing every once of the PS3 as they possibly can which in the long run is worth the wait..

Bottom line I win cuz i have UC:2 which i play often and have GOW3 preordered.....

Speaking of which I'm really hating March right now too many good games due FF13, GT5, GOW3, Heavy Rain

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THE MAX SPEED 213593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

I dunno if GoW will look better than UC2 when the final product will be out but judging from the pictures in the article I think that UC2 still looks better.

They'll both look great but judging from what they say in the article GoW3 got better details when it comes to the characters(facial,hands etc) and UC2 got better ones when it comes to the environments.

Lou-Cipher3593d ago

Go play the GOW III Demo and look at the start screen, and you will see several reason on why it could possibly have better visuals than Uncharted 2.

I think that Heavy Rain will top Uncharted 2's visuals, and I think God of War III has a very good chance as well.

Heavy Rain & God of War III are the only announced games that have a shot at reaching Uncharted 2's visual level this year, but unfortunately we have to wait a few more months before we can actually find out for ourselves.

Baka-akaB3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

Dont forget GT5 , i know "it's only a racing game" but it does feature some pretty awesome graphs , plus an insane amount of physics and stuff behind the scene to handle that Gow and the rest doesnt at the speed of 60fps ...

And there is also the last Guardian looming not so far .

chrisnick3593d ago

I already said gow3 looked better than UC2 based on the demo and got a bunch of disagrees from the uncharted fan crowd. They obviously used some of what naughty dog did but it seemed like they just used it and did it better. It's effing awesome in high def. even the sound is insane. Goty for 2010 already.

Lou-Cipher3593d ago

oooops, I feel ashamed that I didn't mention GT5 with HR & GoWIII.

You are absolutely right about GT5 being able to top Uncharted 2 in the visuals department.

I honestly don't know how I missed that one.(Some Gran Turismo fanatic I've become)

Still not sure if The Last Guardian's visuals will top Uncharted 2 though. I probably shouldn't underestimate Team Ico.

+ Show (1) more replyLast reply 3593d ago
Troll_Police3593d ago

Only PS3 exclusives can compete with PS3 exclusives.

-Alpha3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

Well logically, yes. But you seem to forget about PC exclusives which compete against PC exclusives.

Oh that's right, we ignore the PC on here unless we are trying to undermine the 360 library of games by bringing up PC ports/versions.

Troll_Police3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

What PC exclusives? I hope you're not referring to WOW.

jack_burt0n3593d ago

Most ps3 gamers have decent rigs.... I am not seeing anything on my pc that is comparing to my ps3 yes Crysis has some great effects and rez but in terms of overall presentation the in house sony stuff has it down.

Kratos Spartan3593d ago

notice how it's turning into PC vs. PS3 wars instead of PS3 vs. 360

-Alpha3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )


I hope your not implying that I'm referring to WoW. It's ironic that you name yourself the troll_police when you feign ignorance when it comes to the PC library and the best you can pull out is an MMORPG.


The max a PC can do is likely miles better than your rig you have right now if you aren't seeing a major difference in your PC/PS3 games. Not trying to dog on your PC, but while the PS3 was built years ago the PC is an open platform that is always evolving.

mfwahwah3593d ago


Obviously you don't know ANYTHING about PC gaming.

Do you want to see 2009 PC exclusives? Well, I think you need to.


theEnemy3593d ago

That's alot of games indeed.

But how many are those are worth playing ? or yet have you played.

aaronisbla3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

must we always bring in PC games in a console debate? mostly everyone knows that a excellent rig will net you some of the best looking games you can get.

But why isn't when something like this comes out, stating " will this game for ps3/360 look better than this game ps3/360, someone feels the need to bring up PC?

Look, we haven't forgot that PC gaming is some of the best as far as graphics are concerned but its pretty irrelevant as far as the main topic in this article is concerned.

Its like " OMFG, This PS3 games looks orgasmic!!!!11" then someone joins in " Bu, Bu, BUT teh PC, Crysis!!!1"

As far as PC not having any exclusives other than WoW, wake the fvck up, there are plenty

-Alpha3593d ago

"mostly everyone knows that a excellent rig will net you some of the best looking games you can get."

That's exactly why PC is brought in: because people forget about the PC and then manipulate rules to their benefit. When someone says UC2 is the best looking game on consoles then that is fine, but some will go as far as to state it has better graphics than PC games.

Then there is the issue that IF people are willing to ignore the PC, then why do they bring it up when 360 fans brag about Gears of War or Mass Effect? All of a sudden PC matters because a game like Mass Effect is also on the PC so then it means people can undermine the 360.

So either people should accept that the PC exists or exclude it. It doesn't seem fair to exclude a platform just because it's different.

The major problem is that the war revolves around 360 vs. PS3. If somebody makes aware the PC's graphics then the PS3 doesn't win best graphics and the 360 doesn't win best online. Steam and PC graphical superiority trumps the main key factors of console gaming. XBL is inferior to Steam and PS3 graphics are inferior to PC. Yet everyone is willing to ignore that and continue fighting.

DaTruth3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

We don't bring up PC in sales debates either.

We don't bring up PC in graphics debates because there simply is no debate. Like there shouldn't be a debate over whether PS3 or 360 has better graphics in games, but a certain few will bring up titles that haven't been released yet and feign blindness in order to keep the debate, even when those titles release and are lacklustre(bu, bu, but, teh Lost Planet 2), they just move to the next future title(bu, bu, but, teh Alan Wake).

You absolutely can debate whether a game is exclusive, when the game appears on the most widespread platform in existence with mass global adoption! 90% of people in Western countries can play those games in some form or another!

As one of those who would be better off playing those games on 360 than on my crappy PC with integrated graphics; If I really needed to play them, I could make a case for buying a better PC for 100 other reasons the least of which would be playing multiplatform games with acceptable graphics and for a cheaper price which would almost make up for the higher cost!

nycredude3593d ago


Take your pc and shove it up you bunghole yo. You are like a broken record. Who cares pc has nothing but pirates. You had like 10 comments here about the pc being superior yet the ONLY game you could name is Crysis. Sheesh, it may look better than UC2 but it sure as hell ain't a better game! We all know PC is more powerful cause the potential is limitless, you can always just upgrade. But where are the games? Fact is you will NEVER play UC2, Heavy Rain, Killzone 2, GOW3, Infamous and countless other awesome games on PC.

IMO Killzone 2 rapes most pc shooters.

Nihilism3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

"IMO Killzone 2 rapes most pc shooters. "

Well your opinion doesn't count for much, as you just got shut down to a degree previously unheard of, then you demonstrate your ignorance with vague baseless statements claiming that "pc has nothing but pirates"

Then throw in a bunch of caps just for good measure to make it known that you are indeed but a child.

"but it sure as hell ain't a better game"

It is extremely clear that you have not played crysis, you would not say that if you had...and yes every pc multiplat blows ps3 exclusives away.

Arnon3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

That was quite possibly one of the dumbest comments I've read on this website.

PC rakes in more revenue and has a higher fanbase than all 3 consoles combined. Until you've actually played the listed games you keep mentioning, please don't make such asinine comments.


PC - 87 games rated 90+
360 - 26 games rated 90+
PS3 - 19 games rated 90+
Wii - 9 games rated 90+

PC - 560 games rated 80+
360 - 185 games rated 80+
PS3 - 145 games rated 80+
Wii - 72 games rated 80+

Oh, and I can sure as hell count the number of good games on the PS3. Trust me, it's not "countless".

theEnemy3593d ago

You do realize that in those 87 games rated 90+, 560 games rated 80+ have games that had been released even before the 360/PS3/Wii came right ?

Then if you want a full comparison of games on all system, go include the PS1, PS2, Xbox, and GameCube.

Arnon3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

You realize the PC is ONE console, right? Also, why does it matter if the games came out before the 360/PS3/Wii? The PC is still being played to this day, and it's only 1 console. Factoring in the PS1, PS2, Gamecube, Xbox, etc. does not even abide to the current statistics being shown. Did I mention a PC2, PC3 or PC4?

Oh, and your question:

"But how many are those are worth playing ?"

Again, how does that matter? You asked if the PC had any exclusives, and it blew all 3 consoles away combined, within a year. How many PS3 exclusives are worth playing exactly, because I own a whopping gigantic 13 of them, and out of the ones that I own... if I had the chance, I'd go back in time and just rent the majority of them since they were only worth a single playthrough.

Pistolero3593d ago

"most ps3 gamers have decent rigs"...and you know this how?...some of you ps3 fans just crack me up...what? does a free gaming rig come with each ps3?..lmao

+ Show (13) more repliesLast reply 3593d ago
blizzard_cool3593d ago

*moment of silence*......... jizz in my pants :D

3593d ago
Bill Gates3593d ago

GOW belongs to God Of War, not queers of war...AHAHAHAHA
Kratos is about to rape the 3fixme...AHAHAHA

kaz-hirai3593d ago

EVEN BETTER THAN UC2 :O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THIS IS ONLY POSSIBLE ON THE P S 3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !

AliTheBrit193593d ago

^^ You know its just some guys opinion right?...

harpua3593d ago

bu bu bu but sales are more important.

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W831SOLIDSNAKE3593d ago

Dam, this just made it that much harder for Xbutts to claim their games look better or remotely close to PS3 games. HA HA

bu bu bu Alan Fake lol teh light lol