Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection Online Images & Details

Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection ONLINE is coming! Famitsu brings us new details and images from the upcoming upgrade. Click below to check out the new pictures and info!

From the latest reports, we can see that T5DR ONLINE's interface will support a battle lobby where you can create and search for "battle rooms" to duke it out with others players. Each player has their name listed as well as a flag, which is good news, and indicates international play is likely.
While in battle rooms you have the option of inviting friends, viewing other people's profiles, kicking people from the battle room, and even changing your starting position from first player side or second player side.
One of the best features to be unveiled is the existence of VOICE CHAT and the ability to have ranking matches with other people ONLINE.
We here at SD TEKKEN are extremely excited and will continue to bring any and all news on this title in the future! Stay tuned!
Here are new pictures from Famitsu's latest report on T5DR ONLINE!

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ErcsYou4739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

if tekken5 can get a online add-on, sega should be able to add a online mode to VF5.

i know about the lag speculations but not all people have a "slow " internet connection,

for example my internet speed is about 16100 kb/s down and 2500 kb/s up. i know sega could work something out.

sega needs to listen to their customers more, they seem to have been going down hill lately, virtua tennis saved their A$$. i hope i see a new phantasy star at e3.

sega should go back to their roots and remake streets of rage, altered beast and vector man..... ill take eternal champions while im making wishes

............ i thought those online data pics were from tekken6???????

MADGameR4739d ago

THIS is what I was really hoping for! FINALLY! Tekken 5 DR Online coming soon!

SuperSaiyan44739d ago

This is gonna be awesome, can anyone here actually disagree with that?

PS360WII4739d ago

ugg fighting lobby... didn't they notice how aweful DOA online was with the lobby idea? Come on make the online like Fight Night! Simple, easy, and quick to a match!

boi4739d ago

yes at last online...who wana get their ass kick lol

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