Alan Wake Preview:The Inner Life of a Struggling Writer discusses the upcoming Alan Wake.

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ben hates you4801d ago

CAN'T WAIT, I love games like this

Jay da 2KBalla4801d ago (Edited 4801d ago )

This game is going to be very interesting. With games like bioshock and mass effect and Gears of War and Lost Planet and of course alan wake it is becoming more and more obvious that the 360 is the graphical powerhouse of this generation.

Eclipticus4801d ago

Speaking of Max Payne. i cant recall the end of the second one. Will there be a third one? i seem to remember that due to lackluster sales of 2. 3 was scrapped.
This game reminds me of the movie IN THE MOUTH OF MADNESS . . .
anothe blockbuster for 360