Bad Company 2 Demo Confirmed writes, "Playstation 3 owners had to be quite happy over their console exclusive beta that they were granted access to for quite awhile for Bad Company 2. While Xbox 360 owners were sad over the lack of Bad Company 2 on their console, both consoles can expect a demo in the near future."

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Solidus187-SCMilk3595d ago

the first bad company had a demo so I was hoping for a demo. Then I can try it on both.

LukaX233595d ago

This demo has been confirmed ages ago. It's going to be exactly the same as the PS3 Beta but with a snippet of the single player added.

bjornbear3595d ago

Thank g0d! i didn't get into the BETA =/


NSG3595d ago

NICE! Should be good

ape0073595d ago

this game looks so powerful

Im afraid I get a heart attack from this amount of AAA games

my wallet gonna cry

borgome3595d ago

Thuper Thweet man, yaaaa!

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rajman3595d ago

I had tons of fun on the PS3 beta...I like some of the changes made on that text file, "The Mortar Strike is now called in via a pair of binoculars" I wasnt fond of the other device, bincoculars will allow for a much more precise aim...kind of reminds me of the binoculars in Warhawk now.

Dellis3595d ago

BETA looked like a PS2 game, lets hope this demo is a new build and

shows better visuals.

The_Firestarter3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

OF course BF:BC2 looks like a PS2 game. Come on, nothing beats MW2 graphix! >,< /s

Why do you waste your time posting such garbage with duplicate accounts?You're not even kidding yourself with that ridiculous comment. *places you in ignore list*

ASSASSYN 36o3595d ago

Nothing new. Battlefield has always offered a demo.

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The story is too old to be commented.