Zerg Rush: The Seoul of PC Gaming

IGN writes: Early January. The trees have turned brown and shed their leaves, snow plasters the street, and the fog on my breath is a whole ocean away from Sydney's sunny shores as I duck into my local sushi place. It's roughly 10pm, and I'm unsure if I entered out of hunger or a desire for immediate shelter from the cold.

The first indication that I'm not in Japan is the sushi train itself: small but functional, its tracks carry an assortment of treats topped with potato, pumpkin and sweet chili sauce. The second is that, upon my request, the chef switches the restaurant's television over to StarCraft without a moment's hesitation.

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GGAllin3600d ago

I've always wanted to visit korea and experience there gaming culture, My gf lived there in the early/mid 90's before the starcraft craze and hated it lol she isn't a fan of kimchi