Strategy Informer: The Saboteur Review

The Saboteur can be both addictive and engaging, but also rather stale, all at the same time. Serious issues such as the nature of a resistance campaign, terror tactics, victory at all costs, etc... are fairly buried underneath the game's lighter tones. Still, it's in line with Pandemic's other works so it's not like you should expect a moral masterpiece. If you want to put in the effort, than the rinse/repeat actions won't seem as boring as they should be.

It's good to see that Pandemic's last game has some decent production values,(Although there are still some trademark glitches to be seen), but unfortunately the lack of proper post-release support could mean that any annoying bugs could be there to stay. Pick it up if you're looking for some destructo-derby fun, and don't mind a bit of travel.

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