Can a Blue Dragon Quench Microsoft's RPG Thirst?

"Although the original Xbox game system was able to prove itself in the competitive console gaming market, a popular criticism leveled against it was its limited game genre library. This was due to the fact, that the majority of games featured on Microsoft's initial console were action games or 1st-person shooters, with little else to set it apart." discusses the title Blue Dragon

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Diselage4730d ago

With Blue Dragon, Mass Effect, Two worlds there is no shortage of RPG love this summer.

Eclipticus4730d ago

then lost odyssey and fable 2 as well as a possible KOTOR3? MS is definatly improving their stance. if not this console. xbox3, should MS continue the trend, will be a dominaint force in Japan.

dachiefsman4730d ago

Hmmm just a few....

Jade Empire
KOTOR 1 and 2
Baldur' Gate 1 and 2
Elderscrolls III
X-men Legends

Yea it might be a small list but it is a decent one none the least. The list doesn't have any turned based RPGs. Am I the only one kind of burned out on turn base, especially after KOTOR and Jade Empire from and xbox side of course?

Eclipticus4730d ago

i use to love Skies of Arcadia on Dc then got my xbox and GC and couldnt get into skies of arcadia legends... turn based is okay, but real time is preferred.

Eagle Eye4730d ago

I agree and its a good start. I will enjoy playing all of these games better start saving. That 42 inch 720p w/s samsung plasma really set me back.

Eagle Eye4730d ago

One thing I dont agree with is; I dont think real time is better then turn based. Turn based is what all the rpg legend games used. Maybe I say this because thats what I grew up playing. But to me a pure bred 100 percent rpg should be turn based. But dont get me wrong I like real time too.

Eclipticus4730d ago

i dont have anything against turn based, my first RPG was Warriors of the Eternal Sun. a crappy game but real time. then Baldurs gate. Just what i am use to. But Turn based is definatly a lot of strategy involved . . . I think my main complaint is the invisible monsters. Enchanted Arms.. has this same problem...

Eagle Eye4730d ago

you mean the random fights yeah turn based games use that others dont like chrono cross. Also my first rpg was final fantasy 8 then 7.

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