Are Modchips Illegal?

GamerLaw: This article is about modchips: is their sale/use illegal or not? We look at three recent cases in England, Spain and France - which show an interesting divergence of European opinion as to the legality of modchips: not every country thinks that modchips are a bad thing. More below...

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fullmetal2973595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

The manufacturing and distribution of modchips itself are is legal, but the modified bios that allows the system to run unsigned codes are illegal. That why most modchips don't come with the bios and must be found on the internet.

Kakkoii3594d ago

Depends on the type of modchip. Most modchip's don't contain an illegal bios, but merely are attached in a way to intercept the processors signals and modify them as needed. Allowing people to modify the existing software in the console to their liking.

3594d ago