EndWar: A Revolutionary RTS

"Last time the Tom Clancy brand moved beyond tactical shooters, players ended up with one of the most popular series in recent years: Splinter Cell. Now Ubisoft is mixing up the war-game formula again with EndWar, by moving from tactical shooters to stealth games to real-time strategy." discusses the upcoming title Endwar

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Diselage4737d ago

Not sure what will be revolutionary about it but the RTS genre could really use it.

Odion4737d ago

i believe this is also coming out for the PS3

BIadestarX4736d ago

RTS on the PS3? For some reason developers don't believe RTS games can sell on the PS3. Maybe because XBox installbase have lots of PC gamers and PS3 installbase are mostly people that do not like RTS games. The 360 already have a few RTS games + a few more coming.... PS3 has zero, nada, none...

bootsielon4736d ago (Edited 4736d ago )

You've just proven yourself to be a fanboy with your last hyperbolic line. This title was announced to be multiplatform since the beginning (PS3 and 360).

biomajor094736d ago

What will be revolutionary is that the entire game is supposed to be voice controled. The hard part is getting to work, but if they do it will be the next step in RTS games.

Arutha4736d ago

If they can pull this off this will be a nice addition to RTS genre. The voice command will sure make it seem like you are giving the orders especially as your troops respond to your commands. Can't wait until we see a video with sound to see how it all works.

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