The Games of Summer

Summer is traditionally a slow time for new games, but this year might buck that trend. With a number of high-profile releases and some games that have the potential to be under-the-radar sleeper hits, the summer of 2007 looks to be a good one for gamers. This list of hot summer games stretches into early September, but don't forget that a few weeks after that comes Halo 3 to inaugurate the fall season on September 25. Now, GWN presents its list of 10 games to watch our for this summer,

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Diselage4730d ago

This kinda stuff just makes me think i need a 2nd job to support my gaming habit. Maybe when i win some of that contest money i may be able to get a few more awesome games that are coming out this summer.

Eclipticus4730d ago

ugh! argh!!!!!
finally a crapload of great games comes out, and i decide to go back to school Full-Time and work Full-time.!! ARGH!!! hmmm i am still gonna buy the dozen games i want. just never play em.
I am not and addict, I am a collector....

dachiefsman4730d ago

Since when was Mass Effect confirmed for Sept 4, 07?

Shake4730d ago

Since yo mamma got laid!

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The story is too old to be commented.