PS3 December NPD To Show Approx. 100% YOY Increase

The NPD results for North America should be released later this week, and all evidence points to PS3 seeing an impressive year-over-year increase from the previous year.

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Amp3598d ago

Everybody have fun this year, play on!

vhero3598d ago

NPD = Who gives a crap? Sick of this NPD is the only place in the world thing going around N4G... Probably because it covers the only place 360 is winning.

gaffyh3598d ago

@vhero - True, but imo every region matters. So if someone is doing well in NA, they should get more Western devs on their side, and it should be the same for Japanese devs if a console sells more in Japan. As long as PS3 sells well in NA, then it should mean more games for PS3.

sikbeta3598d ago

Is good news anyway, Congrats to SONY

mint royale3598d ago

NA is part of the world. You want to silence the information that is available from the region becuase the 360 is winning? Stop being such a fanboy, this is a good ps3 article.

chrisnick3598d ago

Why is NPD a credible source when it doesn't cover every retailer? am i the only one that thinks that doesn't make sense? That's not accurate regardless of who is "winning" If they leave some numbers out then to me they're just as credible as VGcharts or say MS and their bloating of numbers.

hay3598d ago

@mint royale: There's world outside console "war". I think he just don't like USA.

StanLee3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

Not to sound like an elitist because I'm not even an American but, while Europe may be bigger, North America is the most important region in the video game industry. It's the most visible and generates the most revenue and it's where publishers and console makers hope to have the largest successes. I know people like to dismiss the NPD precisely because it's the region where the XBox 360 is winning but it doesn't change the impact of the region in the industry.

Guitardr853598d ago

Way to put spin on what he was trying to say. Good to see your 360 fanboy ways coming through...

All he was attempting to say was that NPD is only 1 of 3 very large regions. NA is important, but sadly to say, way less important than it was 5-10 years ago.

Quit trying to turn things against people for your own agenda!

rezenu3598d ago

vhero has a point. I wonder why worldwide numbers aren't released here as well?

gaffyh3598d ago

@chrisnick - NPD is used by Sony, MS and Nintendo when they announce their numbers. This is one of the reasons way they are considered credible, they also have a proven track record with their numbers, and don't just track gaming related stuff, but pretty much everything retail.

darthv723598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

probably because each major territory is centered around themselves. It only makes sense that the place you get "worldwide" numbers from are the combined totals of the various reporting territories. You do that by getting info and just adding them up. Japan doesnt report worldwide nor does Europe or US. They report THEIR numbers.

It is other people that take those numbers and simply add them up. Voila, worldwide numbers.

Honestly, there are so many holes in the reporting process to even take seriously anymore.

Edit: isnt like the NPD is the census bureau. Requiring every number to be reported for accuracy. They report numbers from those who report to them. Some retailers have chosen not to participate and that is their decision. NPD isnt going to force them to reveal anything because you want them to. That is at the retailers discretion.

morganfell3598d ago

Some of the people posting do not realize there is a misprint in the article. It lists the NPD for December 2009. It should say 2008. December 2009 figures do not release until Thursday.

morganfell3598d ago

Good to see they finally corrected the article.

n4gno3598d ago

Stan lee you are wrong, europe is more important than US (hardware and software numbers are talking, not me)

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Dutch Boogie3598d ago

Congrats to Sony. Hopefully the momentum will continue for years to come.

Dellis3598d ago

Its amazing, who ever made the SONY shake up after the 599.99 fiasco

needs to get promoted, PS3 was nearly in the grave and look at it now

a whole PS3 is out there, killer Apps are there and the people are getting it

gaffyh3598d ago

Well I personally didn't mind the ps3's price tag when it was released. I mean if you look at it, the price is what made the console so good, and is why we are now getting some of the best games EVER made.

A LOT of people said "Sony shouldn't have included Blu-Ray in PS3, it would have been cheaper to make then," but Blu-Ray is the main reason that the console has the best games and is considered more future proof than any previous console. Now those people who used to say that, say that MS should have included hd-dvd in the 360 (which they should have), because that way they would have had a chance to completely defeat the PS3.

But their cheap = better idea meant that they used an old format, offered an SKU without a HDD, and caused RROD on most of the early 360 skus.

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The story is too old to be commented.