Alan Wake video for 2010 [HD]

Remedy's released the first official Alan Wake gameplay footage of 2010.

The video, which you can find on the developer's Facebook page shows our man Alan doing what he does best; running around the forest pointing his magic torch at baddies.

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THE MAX SPEED 213592d ago

this isnt new sorry. this footage as been available on the internet for a while now.

green3592d ago

saw this over a month ago.

nix3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

i wonder how the story plays out in this one... this is one game that i find intriguing though i don't have a 360. but i'm sure Heavy Rain is going to make me forget about this one though.

and yeah.. this is old video.

THE MAX SPEED 213592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

NIX I Understand what you're trying to do!


smh @ these fanboys .

EDIT: Lol @ the 2 disagrees i got from Dutch boogie and Nix. you guys need to lay low on the weed

beans3592d ago

I'm sorry but that lighting is really good. I didn't think 360 was capable of a game like this. Hopefully it sells well and the game continues to look better and better until it's released.

Nineball21123592d ago


I'm a PS3 only owner, and I can admit that the lighting effects look really good. This is one game I'd like to play... From what I've seen of it so far, it looks really interesting.

This should be a big hit for the 360.

talltony3592d ago

this does look good for a 360 game.

Aquanox3592d ago

Pretty much confirms the Xbox 360 had not been tapped.

nix3592d ago

wow... mate, u got me there. i admit to whatever u 've said. NOT!!!!!

if i was acting like a fanboy, i would have said "geeee only five enemies? but gameplay matters the most for you b*ts!" etc etc...

get off that grass n stop imaginating that i'm clicking on "Disagree". i would want to click but from my PS3 browser it wont register.

StanLee3592d ago

The footage is gorgeous. This game looks amazing. I hope it plays as well.

vhero3591d ago

ah that sucks I was hoping to see new footage not just a remix.. I don't see why they took so long to make what is basically a silent hill type game.. Especially since it's only coming to one console and its the easiest of the 2 nex-gen consoles to develop for too.

Saaking3591d ago

The atmosphere is so awesome. I'm really do think this will push the 360 a step above Gears 2.

FOXDIE3591d ago

you can still play the game on PC, thats what im going to do and im looking forward to it as much as mass effect 2 :)

blackmagic3591d ago

As time goes on it becomes clearer and clearer that whoever owns just a 360 or whoever owns just a ps3 will soon own both consoles because the games on both are that good!

Pistolero3591d ago

Hmm...well this might be old but I have never seen it before...but after seeing this and the Halo Reach scans all I can say is that the 360 is getting some absolutely gorgeous looking games...since the 360 and ps3 are close to the same so many developers have really shows that it mostly comes down to how good the developers are and how much effort is put into it.

starchild3591d ago

Amazing detail. Alan Wake is hands down one of the top graphical titles on consoles.

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The Simple Truth3592d ago

What happened to the amazing story?
The open world gameplay?

Udidntlistenpunk3592d ago

"The video, which you can find on the developer's Facebook page shows our man Alan doing what he does best; running around the forest pointing his magic torch at baddies"


bu but but Alan wake will look better than Killzone 2

bu but bu Alan wake so beautifull open world super graphics

We get Heavy Rain, a cinematic Triple A title. You get Luigi's mansion ripoff. Hahaha

JasonPC360PS3Wii3592d ago

LOL Heavy Rain the interactive chick flick for boys still living in the closet

lh_swe3592d ago

Both games look very good and I'd bet my left nut if we turned the stakes and switched the two titles around you fangirls would be arguing the contrary.

TheXgamerLive3592d ago

jealous mutch.

Always running to our video games info, lol, love it don't ya.

3591d ago
Pistolero3591d ago

Quit being jealous because Alan Wake looks better than Killzone 2 in many ways...Killzone 2 still looks good...nobody is taking anything away from you.

MegaPowa3591d ago

grayzone 2 has a lot going on but alan wake has a better art direction imo so i think it looks better.

Udidntlistenpunk3591d ago (Edited 3591d ago )

To claim that Alan wake is special, proves how desperate you xbots have become.

Better deal with it because the xbox lack of games will continue in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015.

And every year Microsoft will try to leech money out of you dumbasses with Halo DLC 5, Flopza 4 and 5, Left 4 Dead 3 (THIS YEAR), 4 and 5, Fable 4 (next year) and shiatty games like Ninja Blade and Alan Wake. And of course, the infamous raise of XBOX LIVE subscription fees.

Just for owning a 360, you got owned. You got owned hard son.

heroprotagonist3591d ago

You are an idiot. The 360 has a better lineup this year than the PS3, and how would you know anything about 2011, 2012, and so on? Do you think you are a damn psychic? Yeah right.

Oh, and Alan Wake does look damn good. You sound butt hurt.

lh_swe3591d ago

With all due respect I have played the most critically acclaimed games for the past decade and I know a success when I see one, and mark my words; Remedy don't spew out crap games with the promise of them being good, and I certainly don't see MS backing a title with this amount of hype for nothing.

Call me a fanboy all you want but look at my comment history to see which console I prefer, and despite me preferring the PS3 overall that doesn't mean I don't see a great game regardless of the platform.

Udidntlistenpunk3590d ago

Rofl so keep talking about how great the 360 line up is. Its beyond underwhelming.

The 360 is a poor mans PS3. Its games are a poor mans PS3 games.

The 360 has no games. Haha.

lh_swe3590d ago

It hasn't been for a long time but it is finally looking up and thus I (a gamer) am excited.

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hoops3592d ago

Heavy Rain and ALan Wake are totally different games. Too much fanboy sauce in your kool aid

AnttiApina3592d ago

The only common thing is that they are going rock my socks off!

Dutch Boogie3592d ago

Looks really promising but i can't help but notice the lack of texture work in the daytime scenes. Maybe most of the game is set in the night to hide that flaw, i'm not sure.

hoops3592d ago

Texture work in the daytime??
It was solid. Let me guess...You're a PS3 only user....LOL
Let me take another guess...
If this was only on the PS3 you would be saying something different lol

beans3592d ago

What vid are you talking about? There's like 3 seconds of day light footage that really looks good.

Pistolero3591d ago

What is he talking about?...the textures looked really good in that part...I think he just saw what he wanted to see.

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