Dragon Releases Wii Boxing Gloves

This was bound to happen, were just surprised it wasn't sooner. The budget company Dragon released a set of boxing gloves that hold the Wii controllers in place. Maybe this will save a few more plasma screens from certain destruction?

"Play boxing games such as Wii Sport in total immersion with this pair of boxing gloves specially made to hold your Wiimote and Nunchuck. One size fits all (can be adjusted to your hand size with a wrist strap."

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Diselage4235d ago

Just like the article says i'm surprised they didn't make something like this sooner.

Bill Gates4235d ago (Edited 4235d ago )

I hope they work better than the "Power Glove". That thing sucked monkey urine.

ITR4235d ago

But you bought one just like the rest of us.

Either that you bought into the U Force! =P

sumfood4u4234d ago

Boxing gloves is awsum now if they added street of rage 2 with the gloves it would be off the chain! Radacepcha!!!!!!