Xbox 360 technical problems: Diagnosing errors and troubleshooting

When a Microsoft Xbox 360 console experiences a "general hardware failure", on the front of the console three red lights appear.

It is also shown if the console is not getting enough power to run certain components, the most affected being the fans. Some people have experienced system failure after updating the firmware of their system through Xbox Live or installing the update through a CD.

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SF49er4084801d ago

yea the sh*t breaks and it dont work no more. but u have warranty

Eclipticus4801d ago

i have no problems. i always update. had my console over a year, march 06. no 3 rings. not too loud. nothing. Everyone i know, in person has yet to have a problem....

Charlie26884801d ago

I have had the problem. I always update. Had my console 7 months, December 06, 1 3-red rings, gets loud sometimes, Everyone I know, in person has already sent their 360 back at least once, Tom has already twice....

Funny world?

Skynetone4801d ago

Great games shame there only on the 360

Eagle Eye4801d ago

Does the 360 Elite have the same problem?

Booneral4801d ago

There are such reports over internet, telling how some Elite systems have failed after purchase. Therefore there aren't many, and you can't always rely on internet sources and news. In both cases, the fail-rate should be minimal by now, it's generally the first-generation launch 360 systems which tend to fail anyways.

Hydrolex4801d ago

Microsoft Comedy - Xborat360

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The story is too old to be commented.