It's Time For Taito: From Space Invaders To Cooking Mama

Taito is one of the most venerable and respected names in the console and arcade business. Its late '70s hit, Space Invaders, remains one of the most iconic video games ever to be released. And the company has had major success in the new market with its Cooking Mama series, released by Majesco in the west (except, of course, on the iPhone and other mobile platforms, where Taito handles the business itself.)

The company's strategy is heavily factored around revisiting its classic series like Bust-a-Move and, more recently, its Darius series of 2D scrolling shooters -- with new Japanese PSP release Darius Burst.

Here, Gamasutra talks to Hiroshi Aoki, a 20-year veteran of the company who joined to create arcade shooters like the Darius series and has stuck with it since that time, working on everything from its '90s fighting game series Psychic Force to its odd attempt to enter the Devil May Cry-alike genre, Bujingai, starring Japanese rocker Gackt. His most recent work was as producer and lead planner of Space Invaders Extreme 2.

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