Armored Core 5 Revealed

At the 'Armored Core Championship Tournament 2009 Series 2', Japanese publisher From Software confirmed that Armored Core 5 will release in 2010.

A small off-screen video has been recorded showing a debut trailer.

The official site( open on Thursday. Platforms have not yet been confirmed.

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Bodyboarder_VGamer3602d ago

Knowing how the dev work the game will look like crap again. The missions are gonna be really, really easy and all the fun will be online. Where it is almost impossible to find a single person to play with because this a a series that doesn't sells that well.

I do really like the robot designs but the gameplay is more like a crappy shoot 'em up than everything else. Now, if they only introduced a new close combat mechanic then the game could be so great!

They always show you these epic CGI intros of robots fighting with swords and things with lots of epic explosions but when you play the game, the graphics always disappoint and the entire gameplay is just about flying around shooting at everything it moves. Most of the time you're so far away that you don't even know what you're shooting at.

young juice3601d ago

acfa was the first game i got on my ps3, i dont play it much anymore but if they can really improve everything about it id give ac5 a go

Noctis Aftermath3601d ago

This why we need kojima to make ZOE3, to show the other devs how to make a robot game.

Also From Software, after this get crackin' on a Demon's Soul 2!

ThanatosDMC3601d ago

I'm an Armored Core addict!!! AWESOME NEWS FOR ME.... and the five other people that play the game....

But seriously, i spend hours on end tweaking my mech for combat online. Those Koreans i play with must be cheating or something or are Skynet... they're very very very fast. 2v2 matches are insane. It's like they were tournament players for the game.

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FishCake9T43602d ago

Do people still buy this game?

ThanatosDMC3601d ago

I do! Last i check for my AC4Answer time was 87hrs. Mostly tweaking and testing.

cb8103602d ago

Never cared much for AC

jack_burt0n3601d ago

love AC but 4 was a mess.

Baka-akaB3601d ago

As usual an awesome cgi trailer wich got nothing to do with the actual game .

I doubt the future AC game will be any good . They havent been since Armored core 2 on ps2 . They took three step backwards in the gameplay and game's quality , and one forward with online .

ThanatosDMC3601d ago

Yep, it's always bullcrap CGI movies.

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The story is too old to be commented.